Next meeting 18th April 2019, making repairs in woodturning.

Our next meeting on the 18th April 2019 has been organized by David Hay, his topic for the meeting is going to be working with wood that has defects and how in most cases this can be overcome and indeed even enhance the appearance of an item. In addition to what David is doing himself, he has arranged for 3 other members to be doing their own things, 2 are going to be turning, David Hutcheson and Mark Sutton, and for a special treat Mark Dale is going to do some carving. Mark Sutton’s attendance is still to be confirmed, after contacting him today his attendance will depend on his workload, but if he is there he will be making a Japanese inspired tea bowl.

This is the type of thing David Hay is going to demonstrate, the one on the left had 2 long shakes running lengthwise and David has used a series of plugs to hide the defects.The 2 other pictures show a whole series of cracks had to be hidden resulting in dozens of plugs being inset to hide the cracks.
This is a bowl of my own that was treated in exactly the same way,the picture on the left shows the crack being repaired with the plugs, the middle picture shows the extent of the plugs used, and the picture on the right shows the finished bowl, I had no problem accepting there would be a hole (or as we turners like to call it,”a natural element”) in the finished bowl, you will see that the plugs have been exposed on the inside as well, that’s something you need to take into consideration if applying this method to a bowl, you need to make the plugs long enough to be able to reveal them on the inside too.
After doing the original post I got an email from David Hutcheson with what he is going to do at the club this Thursday, he is going to make a sealer pot from a jam jar, this is a very useful item to have as it gives you the ability to judge the amount of thinning you put into your sealer much better than just guessing how much to put in the tin. An excellent project to do and you should all make one.

If I get any more changes to the programme before the meeting I will update the post, but if not we look forward to a good turnout and we hope you find the meeting interesting and informative.

Report on our meeting on Thursday 4th April 2019, using a bowl saver tool.

Our meeting on the 4th April 2019 was mainly about the use of a bowl saver tool, this tool gives the user the ability to take more than 1 bowl out of a single blank making it a very useful tool especially if the blank is quite unusual or expensive. David Hay was the demonstrator and he did an excellent job of demonstrating exactly how it worked. In addition to the bowl saver demonstration, David had also arranged for 3 more turners to work the lathes, all of these turners were doing different things on the lathes, Colin MacKenzie was making a shallow platter in native Elm, Douglas Stewart was making wooden fruit, he did an apple in Yew wood and a pear in Cherry wood, David Hobson was making finials out of a piece of Mahogany. The turnout was very good, the evening started with the committee having one of their regular meetings prior to the start of the main meeting.

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