This week’s meeting, Wednesday 11th December 2019, open competition.

This week,s meeting is on Wednesday 11th December, not the 12th as originally planned, it’s also the clubs Christmas competition for all 3 categories, it’s an open competition where you can make anything you desire, you may also enter more than one item in whichever category you are in, the judging will be done by all the members present.

I would ask all previous winners in any category of any competition in 2019 to enter more than one item as we do have a tie for the overall annual competition winner at present, in the event of their still being a tie after this competition the second entry will then be judged to determine the overall winner in each category.

May I also remind any of last years winners of the annual shields to return them on Wednesday to Douglas Stewart, some of you may have already done so.

The annual Christmas raffle draw will also take place on Wednesday evening after the competition judging has taken place, the tickets for this draw will also still be on sale up to the end of the judging.

Can I also appeal to all the turners who do demonstrations at the club to help Douglas Stewart out with getting sufficient turners to man the lathes to please do so, he has at present only 2 turners for the 9th of January meeting, he requires another 3 and the main subject is all about making “wooden jewellery”, but that does not mean you could not do something else if required. The same scenario also applies to the meeting on the 23rd January, Douglas has only 2 turners he requires another 3, step up and volunteer, the subject for the 23rd January is ,”wooden toys or puzzles”.

The committee would like to take this opportunity to wish all our members and all our online followers a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We hope to see you all in the new year.

Report on meeting 28th November 2019 making table lamp bases.

Our meeting on the 28th November 2019 was all about making table lamp bases, the meeting was organised by Cliff Sim, Cliff had arranged for 4 turners to be working the lathes, Bill Munro, Bob Chisholm, Richard Comfort and David Ross. All were making different variations of lamp bases, 2 were working on a single piece of wood for the base whilst the other 2 were making their lamps from more than one piece. The turn out of members was good. To get a flavour of how the meeting went click on the pictures in the gallery for a larger picture and some text. The pictures for this post were taken by Mike Day.

We hope you enjoyed our lamp making meeting, the next meeting is on Wednesday the 11th December not the Thursday to avoid clashing with the general election, usual start time. This will be our last meeting for 2019, it’s also the final competition for the year, an open competition where you can make what you like, no pre conditions so lets have lots of entries, remember you can put more than one item in to the competition. This meeting will also herald the grand Christmas raffle draw where there have been traditionally lots and lots of prizes, good luck to everyone in the draw.