2019 AGM report.

Our AGM on Thursday 7th February 2019 went very well. We had a very good turnout of members and all the existing committee members were present. The chairman made an opening statement, followed by the secretary presenting the minutes of the previous AGM. The chairman did a report on the years events, that was followed by the treasurer giving a report on the financial status. Topics discussed were , the constitution, skype and the internet, membership fees and training fees. As the committee had shrunk to just 7, we voted a few more members onto the committee taking it back up to 12. There were a few items raised under A.O.B. that the chair announced would be discussed at the first committee meeting.

The committee would like to thank all of you who attended the AGM. For a larger picture and some more information, click any of the pictures.

AGM this Thursday 7th February 2019.

Our AGM is to be held this Thursday 7th February 2019, start time of 18.45pm. We are looking for a good turnout as there are positions to be filled on the committee.

This is likely to be a shorter meeting than normal as there won’t be anything happening out with the AGM business.

Yes, we have all been there at some time in our turning experiences.

Latest club news.

It was with some surprise that our club chairman Mark Sutton decided to resign his chairman’s position at our last meeting on the 19th December 2018 with immediate effect. He put his reasoning for his resignation down to personal reasons and pressure of work, in other words he didn’t have the time needed to give to the position that it required.

Through the club’s constitution the deputy chair Alec Mutch will automatically assume the position of chairman.

We hope Mark can still find some time to come to the club in future and perhaps do a demonstration.