HWC members pictures 06-04-2020

Here are the latest pictures I have received from 2 of our members, the first lot are from Nick Simpson and the second lot are from David Ross.

These pictures are from Nick Simpson of an African Blackwood box he made at a meeting held on the 23rd January 2020, it wasn’t quite finished at the meeting so Nick finished it at home before sending me the pictures. Here is what Nick had to say about his box.
Dimensions are:
Shaker outside 40mm inside 30mm diameters
Height of shaker 60mm internal depth 50mm
The lid is a spinning top and is threaded by hand chasing 18tpi
Height of lid 50mm
Diameter of lid where it meets shaker 44 mm so it just overlaps
Wood = African Blackwood. There were some of the characteristic voids which can be seen (as features)
Finished by sanding from180 to 400 grit and then 2 coats of Renaissance wax.
The whole was in regular use by our grandsons until lockdown
Best wishes Nick.
This Yew box was made by David Ross, pictures arrived today.
This picture was also sent from David Ross, David mentions he was not sure of what type of wood they were, I can tell you that they are all made from Spalted Beech. Here is what David had to say about his work.

I have attached a couple of things I have turned over last month or so, the small box is made of yew 30 mm H and has a 50 mm diameter
The wood for the three bud vases came from a wood pile my son had so not sure what kind of wood they are all the items are finished in sanding sealer and a couple of coats of melamine and a coat of polish both vases at front are 90 mm H with 60 mm diameter vase at rear is 90 mm H with a 45 mm diameter
Hope all the members are keeping safe 
David Ross

Thank you Nick and David for taking the time to send your pictures, we hope to see many more pictures from any of our members, please keep them coming.

Do remember the clubhouse is temporarily closed, you will be advised when we will be re-opening.

HWC members pictures 03-04-2020

Hi everyone, picture just in from Tony Wilson, although not wholly woodturning this is still very acceptable to be shown as part of Tony’s work. As this was the only picture received in the last few days I have included a small box I made over the last few days.

Tony’s sit on toy made for his grand children, he made 3 of them, and well done too ! This is what Tony had to say about his picture, and I see he needed a little help with the computer part of this submission, this goes to show even if you are not quite computer literate you can still get a picture to me using someone else’s knowledge.

I hope you are in good health.
Following the request for club members to submit an example of their work please find attached a message from my daughter with a picture of a tractor with turned wheels etc.
I made three for my grandchildren.
It reflects the basic level of my skills but I thought it would be nice to try to support you and the committee in your efforts on behalf of the club and members.
I will not be offended if it isn’t suitable for your display ( probably quite relieved)
Thank you again for all the work, energy and imagination you all give for the club.
Keep well.
Tony Wilson

Below is a box I made recently, I’m calling it my Bell Box.

This is a small box I made over the last few days, quite a bit of gluing required so it takes a while before you get to the interesting part, the turning. The woods used were Oak for the main part of the body and lid, the half moon shapes were Goncalo Alves and the finial was made from Holly.
Another 2 views of the same box, this time the insides can be seen, you will observe I had hollowed out the lid as well, the overall sizes are, height 150 mm, width 150 mm and with a slightly elevated base to give you the bell shape appearance.

I do have one more set of pictures to post, but I’m waiting on some text information before I can upload them. In the meantime please keep the pictures coming, we are getting a good response from those viewing.

Do remember the clubhouse is closed temporarily, you will be informed when the first meeting will be after the crisis is over.

HWC members pictures, 28-03-2020

During this lock down period I felt we needed to take advantage of the situation to stay in touch with each other by posting some pictures of what we have been doing whether it’s working on the lathe or anything else. I have done the first post showing some of the things I have been making since the lock down. You will all be receiving an email from Geoff outlining what this is about and what we would like you to do, we would like as many of you to take part as possible but there is no obligation to do so, you can if you wish just get onto the club web site and observe what others have been doing. This first post of my work should give you an idea what any picture and text you provide would look like.

To take part you would need to photograph what you are doing or making and send that to me along with some text giving me the dimensions, the type of wood if known and any other useful piece of information by email, attaching any pictures, you can use my own email address to do this if you feel uncomfortable doing it through the web site contact.

My email address is, a.j.mutch4321@btinternet.com.

A spalted Beech bowl made by Alec Mutch, the bowl measured 190 mm in diameter by 90 mm high, some of the white areas were quite soft and required some fairy liquid being applied to achieve a good finish, the final finish was sanding sealer followed by a coat of Melamine.
A natural edged bowl made by Alec Mutch, the wood is spalted Beech made from a half log. The dimensions are 235 mm long by 175 mm wide and an overall height of 100 mm. The finish was sanding sealer followed by a coat of Melamine and buffed to a soft sheen.
A small shallow bowl made by Alec Mutch, made to hold your house keys. It was made from Beech with a decorated rim coloured with a felt tip pen, the engraving was done with the use of a laser.

Now it’s your turn to send me some pictures of your most recent work and I will post them here for others to see.

Do remember the club house is still closed and the meetings suspended for the time being, you will be notified when the club meetings will start again.

Clubhouse temporary closure.

Important notice to all HWC members.
Precautions against Coronavirus.

In light of the Scottish Parliament taking the decision to close all outside gathering of more than 500 people and all inside gatherings of more than 100 people we the committee for HWC have taken the decision to suspend all our meetings in the foreseeable future.

The reasoning for this is that our building does not allow for reasonable separation of the individual, the ventilation is poor and our members are mostly of a certain age. Although our numbers are less than 100 we are in a confined space with everyone breathing the same air.

The length of time the closure will apply will be open ended, but I would anticipate there being no meetings before the end of April and could be longer, a review of the situation will take place mid to late April.

Any new information will be posted on our web site and Facebook page.

Anyone with any questions or concerns can contact me or Geoff through the web site email contact.

Regards to everyone,

Alec Mutch, Chairman, this notice issued on behalf of the committee for HWC.

Updated 14th March 2020.

If you have made an item for the competition that was due to happen on Thursday 19th March, hold onto it, we will be holding that competition as our first meeting after the crisis has passed.

In the meantime our meetings have been suspended and the clubhouse is closed.

This applies to all meetings, committee meetings and training meetings.

AGM Minutes available

The minutes from this years AGM on February 6th are now available in the members area after logging in.

Just a reminder – the members login details will be changed shortly, a notice will go up in the club with details and the date of the change.

If you experience problems logging in, remember to check your username & password is still correct. Due to ongoing attempted hacking issues on the site, the lockout for incorrect attempts will still remain at 24 hours before your connection will be allowed to try again.

New Committee Minutes and Health and Safety Documents now available

The minutes from the last committee meeting are now available.

The new Health and Safety Documents are also available on the same page. You will need to login to view all the documents.

Remember the safety of yourself and all other users depend on each member being a personal health and safety person. Think before doing anything. Think while doing anything. Think after doing anything. And most importantly think of others.

Report on our all day meeting on the 27th July 2019.

Our all day meeting on the 27th July was a great success, it was organized by John Cheadle who arranged for 3 turners to do different demonstrations throughout the day, he also arranged for Celtic woodturning supplies to be present to sell their wares. We had a good response from our own members, but what was also very pleasing a group of 12 woodturners from the North Highlands Woodturners based in Castletown Caithness also attended the meeting, there were also representatives from the Elgin Woodturners. The day went very well and to schedule finishing off with the customary raffle. A summary of all 3 turners work follows in 3 separate galleries.

Alec Mutch.

Gary Lowe.

Mark Sutton.

The all day event was first done in 2018 to good effect, this year however with the addition of Celtic Woodturning Supplies and a very good attendance this year was even better, we will be having an all day event again next year.

Celtic Woodturning

Graeme Taylor of Celtic Woodturning Supplies will be at our all day event on July 27th. His Facebook page has slightly more idea of what he supplies. If you see anything you’d like to pre order to pickup on the day, please give Alec Mutch the details of what you want.

In the meantime, we’ll see if he can provide a better idea of his product range beforehand, and post it here.