This week’s meeting 13th June 2019, Sharpening.

This week’s meeting on the 13th June 2019 is all about sharpening tools, it’s being organized by David Hobson, we will be using the sharpening station at the club along with additional sharpening tools brought in by some of the members who will also demonstrate the use of these tools. There should be at least 3 and possibly 4 members using the sharpening tools and advising on their use, these are David Hay, David Hutcheson, Alec Mutch and possibly Errol Levings. If any of you have a tool or tools that require some attention, then bring it with you, we will try to show you how to sharpen or regrind any tool, we will also be asking you to have a go yourself. Next to using the tools correctly has to be sharpening, without a sharp tool the correct use of the tool becomes nearly impossible.

This is one of the club’s own sharpening tools, it’s based on using a belt rather than a stone or stones, it can produce a very fine edge on any tool in the right hands, it can also accommodate a jig for assisting the user.
This is the other sharpening tool our club has, this time it’s a grinder with 2 different grade grinding stones, this too has the jig facility. The grinder is more useful when regrinding a tool as the stones work much faster in removing material than any belt. I will be bringing my own grinder with me, I don’t use any jigs when sharpening or regrinding it’s all done by eye and touch, and I hope to pass this on to whoever wants to learn.

We are looking for a good turnout as usual and do bring your tools with you.

For all the committee members, remember there is a committee meeting starting at 5.45pm on Thursday, please try to be there sharp.

Report on the Hollow Form competition 30th May 2019.

The competition on the 30th May 2019 was all about making Hollow Forms. The entries for each category was a little disappointing, especially in the “Intermediate” category, the judges for the competition were David Hobson and Mark Sutton. Here is a summary of the competition entries and winners. In addition to the competition David had organized 5 turners to man the lathes whilst the judging was going on, these were, Colin MacKenzie making miniature bird houses, Mark Dale making a natural edged bowl, Dave Line working on a large laminated vessel, Bob Chisholm making pens and Geoff Potter working on a spalted beech bowl. For pictures and text on all of this see below.

If you want to see a larger picture and some text of any of the above click on the picture. The range of items that can be made as “Hollow Forms” is far reaching, here are just a few but we hope they will give you inspiration to make one of your own.

This week’s meeting. Hollow forms competition.

This weeks meeting on Thursday 30th May 2019 is the competition on hollow forms, the meeting is being organized by David Hobson, he along with Mark Sutton will be the judges for the competition, we are looking for a large entry from all 3 categories and do remember there is a £25 first price for each of the 3 categories. In addition to the competition David has organized at least 3 turners to man the lathes whilst the competition judging is going on. Here is a reminder of the type of thing hollow forms covers.

Here is a reminder of the criteria.

This is just an example of the type of thing hollow forms covers,
More examples of hollow forms.
You do not need to follow any of these exactly, your own interpretation on something similar is what’s required.

Good luck and lets see plenty of entries.

Report on our meeting on 16th May 2019.

Our meeting on the 16th May 2019 was all about making wooden fruits, the meeting was organized by David Hobson who also took part in the turning along with Alec MacLeod, Bob Chisholm, John Ruickbie and Richard Comfort. The meeting was well attended, it had quite a variety of ways in which wooden fruits could be made which made the evening even more interesting. Here is a summary of the evenings proceedings in both picture and print.

If you want to see a larger picture and some text, click on any picture. We hope these picture and text gave you an insight into the making of wooden fruits, and it doesn’t stop there, a whole range of wooden fruits and vegetables can be made.

This week’s meeting 16th May 2019.

This week’s meeting on the 16th May 2019 is all about making wooden fruit. It’s being organized by David Hobson, He has arranged for 4 more turners to man the lathes these are Alec MacLeod, John Ruickbie, Bob Chisholm, Richard Comfort and David himself. All will be making some sort of wooden fruits and hopefully a variety of fruits.

Here are a few examples of some wooden fruits from my own portfolio. Left is an Apple made from African Padauk, centre are a couple of Pears made from Sycamore and Ash and right are a pair of Plums made from Purplheart.
These are also from my own portfolio, the Banana although not turned is made from Pau Amarillo and the Grapes that were turned are made from Native Walnut.
Here the fruits can be seen as one display in a bowl made from Native Walnut, the Orange on the right is made from Agba a very light wood that took the detail of an Orange easily, it was stained with an orange water based dye.

These are just some ideas for fruits that we might see at the meeting being made, but there may be some other fruits being made that I have not pictured. Come and observe anyway, we hope for a good turnout and that the meeting will be enjoyable and informative.

Our club meeting on 2nd May 2019 was a showtime meeting.

Our club meeting on the 2nd May 2019 was a showtime meeting, this is where the members are encouraged to bring and show any item they had made over the past few weeks, each one would get the opportunity to tell the members how they made any item and answer any questions from the members. The attendance for this meeting was a little smaller than usual and the number of members exhibiting was also a little smaller than usual, however the amount of items displayed was very good. The evening went well and the members got fully involved with all the item shown.

If you want to see a larger picture along with some text, click any picture. Most of the pictures for this post were taken by Dave Line.

Hollow form competition on the 30th May.

The next competition will be held on the 30th May 2019, the subject will be making a hollow form, this can be made from a single piece of wood or from as many pieces as you wish. A sheet with each categories criteria is included in this post along with a few other sheets with some designs for your consideration or to just give you some ideas, you do not need to follow exactly any of these ideas, they are there just to give you inspiration but do use your own initiative and make something completely different.

Use the criteria page as your guide for the category you are in, and we hope to see lots of entries from all 3 categories, do remember there is a prize of £25 for the winner in each class.

Next meeting 2nd May 2019, it’s showtime once again.

Our next meeting on the 2nd May 2019 is a showtime meeting, it’s your opportunity to to show the members what you have made over the past few weeks. It will be the same format as on previous occasions, each person will get the opportunity to present their work and give a short presentation on what they have made. A good turnout will be expected and we would like to see as many entries as possible especially from some of the newer members. You will all get a seat and the cameras and screens will be in use.

Here are some pictures of some of the entries on a showtime meeting held on February 2018.
More pictures of some of the item shown on the February 2018 meeting, the skeleton clock in the middle picture was shown by one of our most recent members at the time.
These pictures were taken at the June 2018 showtime meeting, as you can see a wide range of turned items were shown.
More pictures taken at the June 2018 showtime meeting, 3 very interesting items, John Ruickbie’s Mons meg cannon on the left, David Ross’s laminated and pierced bowl in the centre and Gordon Leitch’s Monkey puzzle bowl on the right, all expertly done.
These are pictures from our last showtime meeting held in August 2018, again a wide range of turned ware.
More pictures from our last showtime meeting held in August 2018.

It never ceases to amaze me at the diversity and quality of the work presented at one of our showtime meetings, so do keep on showing your work, your friends and fellow members all like to see what everyone is making and we can all learn from each other by sharing our experiences.