Welcome back all HWC members, 19-08-2021.

It is with great pleasure to announce that we are about to open our club again after such a long time closed.

We are to have an Extraordinary General Meeting on the 19th August 2021, this will take place in our premises in Munlochy start time of 6.30pm. The purpose of the meeting is to welcome you all back and to bring you all up to date with what has happened since we last met in March of 2020 and also take a look ahead in the near future.

On arrival we would ask you all to bring a face covering and to use the sanitising supplied as you enter. All will be seated and the use of face masks will be voluntary whilst seated.

A very strict attendance register will be kept, we will require everyone to sign in on entry, this will help in the event of track and trace should it become necessary.

You will also observe that we are in the process of making some changes inside the clubhouse, more on that will be explained at the meeting.

The meeting is not expected to last more than 1 to 2 hours, and for this first meeting there will be no turning.

I’m very pleased to make this announcement and I’m looking forward to seeing all of you again, remember to take your clip on name badges with you, for those who are new members and don’t yet have a badge, speak to Geoff Potter at the meeting and he will arrange for a badge to be made for you.

Regards to all, Alec Mutch on behalf of your committee.

Our next virtual meeting 05-08-2021 making wooden toys.

Our next club meeting should be on Thursday 5th August 2021, however this meeting has been made into a virtual meeting due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. The meeting is being organised by Mike Day and Mike’s theme for this meeting is to make wooden toys, any kind of wooden toys, turned or otherwise but what Mike would really like to see are toys with moving parts. He would also like to see a large entry for this meeting, so you are all being invited to make at least one toy, more if you can manage that, the past few weeks have seen a very small involvement from our members, lets not continue with this poor approach Mike and I want to see lots and lots of entries.

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Report on our virtual meeting 22-07-2021 Captive rings.

Our meeting this week on Thursday 22nd July 2021 was to make something that had a captive ring or rings. The meeting was organised by Errol Levings and it was Errol’s idea to put the project matter forward. The meeting had to done virtually due to the ongoing Covid 19 restrictions. You were all invited to take part, any item could be made, it could have been a goblet with a ring or rings or a mushroom, a vase, a candlestick anything at all the only important part was it had to incorporate a ring or rings.

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Our next virtual meeting, 22-07-2021 Turning with a captive ring.

Our meeting this week should have been our annual all day event, usually held on the Saturday following our usual meeting day, this can’t happen due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, this meeting should have been organised and managed by Errol Levings, Earl has put forward a request that you all have a go at making something that has within it’s design a captive ring, and if you are really adventurous try putting more than one ring on. This lends its self well to be included on a goblet or a mushroom but for the ideas, Errol will leave that up to you.

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Report on our virtual meeting 08-07-2021 Candlesticks and offset Candlesticks.

Our virtual meeting on the 8th July 2021 was organised by Errol Levings, Errol’s theme for the meeting was Candlesticks and off centre Candlesticks. Errol had produced a plan along with his instructions on the making of one type of off centre Candlesticks, however it was stated that any sort of Candlestick or Candle holder would be accepted.

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Our next virtual meeting 08-07-2021 Candle sticks and Offset candlesticks.

Our virtual meeting this week on the 8th July 2021 is being organised by Errol Levings, it’s going to be all about making candlesticks, all types of candlestick, whatever your imagination comes up with, you can go traditional or use nightlight candles or even some of the really fat candles, no matter what as long as you finish up with a candle or candles in your project.

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Competition results 24-06-2021

Our meeting on this occasion was our Summer Competition held on the 24th June 2021, it was organised by Peter Lawrence and the subject for the competition was making Natural Edged Turnings. There was no further criteria, you could make anything at all as long as it had some element of Natural Features remaining. There was also no limit on the number of entries any one person could make. Everyone was asked to take part in the competition, and indeed 14 of our number did take part, submitting a total of 54 pictures for the judges to consider. This response was very encouraging as we had more people taking part for this competition than for our Spring competition, so well done to all who took part.

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Competition this Thursday 24-06-2021 Natural Edged Turning.

Our meeting this week is Competition time again, the theme for this week’s competition is Natural Edged Turnings, you are all invited to make something with an element of natural edge or inclusion in your turning/s somewhere. There will be no fixed criteria other than it has to have some natural feature/s in whatever you make. There are 3 categories with our members, Novice, Intermediate and Experienced do remember you will only be competing with people in your same category, there is a first prize of £25 for the winner in each category. You should all have received an email already with an entry form attached, if you have not received the entry form contact Geoff Potter and he will see that you get one. You can enter up to 3 different items with a maximum picture number of 5 for each entry.

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Report on our virtual meeting 10-06-2021 Weed Pots.

Our meeting on the 10th June 2021 was to be organised by Peter Lawrence, the theme for the meeting was making Weed Pots , this meeting had to be changed to a virtual meeting due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. However we did ask you all to make a Weed Pot or two and to send some pictures of what you made to me for publication on our club web site, the response was as usual very poor from our membership with only two entries other than that from myself, the entries came from two stalwarts for the club, those being Dave Line and Nick Simpson. We are very grateful to Dave and Nick for supporting the club so diligently but we would very much like to see many more of our members taking part in the virtual scene, this is the only way at present we can keep the club alive, if you don’t take part how can the club survive.

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