Christmas Decorations 6th Dec 2018

These are the pictures from our last club meeting held on Thursday evening 6th December 2018. There were 5 lathes in operation and the theme for the evening was to make Christmas Decorations. 5 turners were scheduled to do the decorations but one turner had to withdraw due to unforseen circumstances, David Ross did an impromptu session replacing the absent turner.

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This weeks meeting.

Our meeting this week, Thursday 6th December is all about making Christmas decorations, there should be 5 turners on the lathes making their interpretations of Christmas decorations. We are expecting a high turn out as usual and don’t forget to buy the Christmas raffles, any donations by way of prizes would be very welcome as well.

We hope you all have a very pleasant evening.

Next meeting.

Our next meeting on Thursday evening 22nd November 2018 is a one to one meeting. There will be 4 experianced turners mentoring  4 members wishing to advance their skills in 4 different fields of woodturning.

Bill Munro will be mentoring Uisdean McBeth in the making of a wooden box with a lid.

David Hay will be mentoring Mark Dale on the methods of tool sharpening.

Errol Levings will be mentoring David Line on long hole boring.

Alec Mutch will be mentoring Bill Henderson on the use of a bowl gouge.

We are looking for a good turnout, there should be something in this programme for everyone to see and enjoy.

Remember to get your raffles for the Christmas draw and we are still looking for donations of prizes.

The list of future meet-ups is on our meetings page


Next Meeting

Will be on the 8th November.

Topic – Wooden Fruits

We’ve cheated, and this is obviously a real apple, but photos from the meeting will be posted afterwards.

For a full list of upcoming meetings, have a look at our meetings page



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