Meetings commence at 18:45hrs.
Please note that these programmes could be subject to change at short notice, so remember to check
 the website, or if you prefer our Facebook Page


Please Note – Subject to change, but this is the list of the provisional topics.

19th September

 Pens made on the lathe & other turners,  Managed by Jim Kelman.

3rd October

 Demo By Andy Walters, of Black Isle Woodturning , all seated.  Managed by Jim Kelman.

17th October

 Wooden Platters & other turners, Managed by Jim Kelman.

31st October

Natural edged turning & other turners, Managed by Cliff Sim.

14th November

 Clock making & other turners, Managed by Cliff Sim.

28th November

 Lamp bases & other turners, Managed by Cliff Sim.

12th December

Christmas COMPETITION open subject  

and Christmas Raffle



9th January

Wooden jewellery. All lathes

23th January

Toys and Puzzles. All lathes.

Committee member 1. Douglas Stewart.

6th February


20th February 

Snags, solutions & ideas all seated. Invitation.

Committee member 2. John Ruickbie.

5th March 

Goblets. All lathes. 

19th March

Competition, Wooden Boxes,

Plus free turning on all 5 lathes.

Committee member 3. David Hutcheson.

2nd April

Green Woodturning. All lathes.

16th April

Natural Edge turning. All lathes.

Committee member 4. Geoff Potter.

30th April

Showtime, introduced by A. Mutch.

14th May

Platters. All lathes.

Committee member 5. Peter Lawrence. 

28th May

Demo by Alec Mutch on inside–out turning, all seated.

11th June

Weed pots. All lathes.

Committee member 6. Alec Mutch.