Meetings commence at 18:45hrs.
Please note that these programmes could be subject to change at short notice, so remember to check
 the website, or if you prefer our Facebook Page


Please Note – Subject to change, but this is the list of the provisional topics.

24th January

One to One turning Managed by Peter Lawrence

7th February


21st February

COMPETITION Wooden Boxes & Free Turning Managed by Alec Mutch

7th March

Seated Demonstration, Working with Pebeo Paints Managed by Alec Mutch

21st March

Working with Natural Edges, 4 Turners TBC

4th April


18th April


2nd May

Showtime by Alec Mutch

16th May


30th May

COMPETITION Hollow Forms & Free Turning Managed by David Hobson

13th June


27th June

One to One managed by Mark Sutton

11th July

Platters managed by Mark Sutton

25th July

No meeting as this will be carried out on the all day event on the 27th July 2018

SAT 27th July

All day event managed by Mark Sutton

8th August


22nd August

COMPETITION Spindle Turning& Free Turning managed by Colin MacRae

5th September

Showtime by Alec Mutch

19th September


3rd October


17th October


31st October


14th November


28th November


12th December

Christmas COMPETITION open subject and Christmas Raffle