Meeting Schedule

All meetings are subject to change and will follow government guidelines.

Meetings commence at 18.45PM

1st February.

No organiser required. Annual AGM meeting. Report by Chair on the previous year and elections of Chairman and all 11 committee members.

15th February.

Arranged by Alec Mutch. Working with Pebeo Paints, solo presentation, all seated.

29th February.

Arranged by Peter Lawrence, 1st Shield competition for 2024, Competition to be handled by Nick Simpson, Competition subject, Novice-A Honey Dipper, Intermediate-A Honey Pot with Dipper, Open-A Honey Pot with a Lid and Dipper. Peter Lawrence to arrange for all 5 lathes to be working.

14th March.

Arranged by Alan Geddes. Open session, each turner will demonstrate something of there own choosing. All 5 lathes working.

28th March.

Arranged by Dave Line. 1st Showtime meeting for 2024. New format, Dave line to introduce. All seated.

11th April.

Arranged by David Hobson. Demonstration by Mark Sutton, solo presentation, subject to follow. All seated.

Future dates and subjects to be announced as and when received.

Each committee member will be responsible for what happens on the 2 meetings (above their names) they are allocated, this will include getting a manager or managing themselves the meeting, all turners and liaising with the chairman and all those handling the competitions or showtime meetings, in order to claim any prizes awarded in any of the competitions you will be required to be wearing your name badge.