This week’s meeting, 5th March 2020 making wooden Goblets.

Our meeting this week is all about making wooden goblets, this meeting has been organized by David Hutcheson, he has arranged for 4 more turners and himself to man all the lathes. The turners will be David Hutcheson, Errol Levings, Mike Day, Dave Line and Nick Simpson. I’m sure we will be seeing some variations on what type of goblet each of the turners will be working on and we hope you will find the programme interesting and informative. Do remember that you can ask any of the turners a question if you are unsure of exactly what any of them are doing.

Here is one of my own goblets made some years ago, made from Sycamore with a bark inclusion.
Here is another of my own goblets, this one is made from Sweet Chestnut and as you see has 2 captive rings on it, I wonder if we might see something along any of these lines at the meeting.

We hope to have a good turnout as usual and for you to give all the turners the support and encouragement they deserve.

Report on our meeting 20th February 2020, bandsaw safety and use.

Our club meeting on the 20th February 2020 was all about the use of a bandsaw, it was organized and carried out by John Ruickbie. John firstly discussed the setting up of the bandsaw, this covered things like the setting of the guide bearings for the blade, the height of the blade guard and the tension in the blade, all these things were discussed with the power source being isolated, I.E. the machine was not plugged in. John stressed the importance of having the machine isolated whilst any of the setting up or maintenance was being carried out. He also went on to discuss that the correct type of blade should be used for the purpose intended, and drew attention to the blade chart posted near the bandsaw that gave the correct blade type and size for both straight and curved cuts, this chart is now also on our web site. John went on to demonstrate using the bandsaw, making use of some home made aids like push sticks, he also showed another useful aid for use with the bandsaw, a parallel clamp that he had made, this clamp is particularly useful when cutting very small pieces of wood that are used in polychromatic assemblies. John then said he would make one of these clamps but due to the restrictions of time he had done some of the work at home, leaving the remainder to be done at the club, the clamp had some specialised tools required to make the clamp and he was to demonstrate their use, this involved a threading system. John went on to make the final pieces required to make the clamp, assembling the finished clamp and showing it to the very attentive crowd.

The turnout of members for this meeting was the highest I had ever seen at any meeting in all my time attending the club meetings, so much so that we ran out of chairs, reducing quite a few members to standing room only, for this the club apologizes. The following gallery of pictures with a little text should give you a flavour of just how the meeting went, pictures by Alec Mutch.

If you would like to make one of these clamps, there is a post on our web site with a sketch of the clamp giving all it’s dimensions, the use of a threading tap and box is required, it might be possible to borrow these from John or myself if you want to make one.

The chart with all the blade sizes and their use is also on our web site should you wish to print off a copy.

Our next meeting is on the 5th March, it’s being organized by David Hutcheson and it’s all about making goblets.

We hope you all enjoyed John’s presentation and found it both interesting and informative, and we thank you all for your attendance.

Parallel clamp plan

Here’s a plan of John’s parallel clamp from his build last night. I’ve increased the contrast a bit from the pencil drawing to make it clearer.

Parallel Clamp Plan

If you’d like to order one, this is the link to Axminster Tools. They also sell then through Amazon, but want £2.95 for delivery – order through Axminster and it’s free for over £30.

Axminster wood tap set

There are a number of pre-made clamps available on Amazon (Axminster don’t appear to sell them), although these have metal threads:

Amazon hand clamp search listings

If you do make one of these, please take a photo and we can upload it to the site.

This week’s meeting Thursday 20th February, safe use of a bandsaw.

Our meeting this week, Thursday 20th February 2020 is going to be how to use a bandsaw safely, John Ruickbie will be demonstrating how to set a bandsaw up, how to put it to best use, the use of some safety aids and how to recognize when a blade needs changing. John will also be making a tool on the lathe that’s also used with the bandsaw.

This is one of my own bandsaws, it’s used with a wide blade of 30mm and 4TPI , I find this saw most useful for cutting large depths or for straight cutting. It has a cutting depth of 305mm.
This is my 2nd bandsaw, it has a cutting depth of 180mm maximum, the blade size is 10mm wide with 4TPI and used almost exclusively for cutting discs.

The club bandsaw will be used for John’s demonstration and we hope you find the information helpful and informative.

The dates and programme for the whole year to December 2020 are now on the club web site, just go to the site and click on “meetings” there is no requirement to log on first, this information is available to anyone.

Report from our AGM on the 6th February 2020.

Our AGM (Annual General Meeting) took place on Thursday 6th February 2020, there was a good turnout for the meeting, the purpose of an AGM is to communicate what has happened over the past year and to discuss with the members anything they wish to raise. Reports were given by the Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer. This meeting also deals with who is on the committee, ratifying those committee members wishing to stay on the committee along with proposing any new members onto the committee, for a complete list of all the office bearers log on to our web site for all the positions and who filled them. Suffice to say 10 of the existing committee members remained on the committee for another year, we did have 2 resignations and they have been replaced with 2 new members onto the committee. The minutes of the meeting are now available in the members section of our web site, log on using the username and password.

Here are some of our members as they take their seats prior to the meeting starting.

Our next club meeting is on the 20th February 2020 and it will be managed by John Ruickbie, John is going to give a tutorial on the use of a bandsaw and also make a tool on the lathe for use with a bandsaw. We will also have a committee meeting that evening, the first of the new year and will include the new members on the committee, start time for the committee meeting, 5.30pm, start time for the main meeting 6.45pm, hope to see you all there.

AGM Minutes available

The minutes from this years AGM on February 6th are now available in the members area after logging in.

Just a reminder – the members login details will be changed shortly, a notice will go up in the club with details and the date of the change.

If you experience problems logging in, remember to check your username & password is still correct. Due to ongoing attempted hacking issues on the site, the lockout for incorrect attempts will still remain at 24 hours before your connection will be allowed to try again.

This week’s meeting on the 6th February 2020, our AGM,.

Our meeting this week on the 6th February 2020 is our AGM (Annual General Meeting) it will start at the usual start time of 6.45pm. The agenda will include a report from the Chairman, and reports from the Treasurer and Secretary. The re-election of committee members and the election onto the committee of 2 new members. We will also be taking any questions from the floor and asking for A.O.C.B. to be discussed. There will be no turning taking place at this meeting but we would like to see a very good turnout, remember this your club and if you have anything you wish to contribute, this is the time to do it. We anticipate that this meeting will not require the usual time allocated, therefor it could be quite short.

Been there, done that, got the tea shirt.

This is a final notice to those who still need to renew their subscription, this meeting will be the last opportunity for the payment to be made, see Geoff Potter to pay, anyone not paid after this meeting will be replaced with people from the waiting list on Friday 7th February.