Our next meeting, 28-10-2021 Demonstration by David Ross.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 28th October 2021, start time of 6.45pm. The meeting is a demonstration by David Ross, David is going to use a Sea Urchin as part of his design for an ornamental turning, these are very fragile items to work with so a great deal of care needs to go into the method of use, I have no doubt David has done this many times in the past and I’m sure we will all be most interested to see how he goes about his task.

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Report on our meeting 14-10-2021 Texturing by Errol Levings.

Our meeting this week, Thursday 14th October was a demonstration by Errol Levings on the subject of texturing your work pieces. Errol brought a few different texturing tools to the demo along with some pieces he had made earlier. He went on to explain what the tools did and what he used to create some of the items he had on show. He told everyone that he wasn’t going to make anything in particular, the demo would be more benefit to everyone he he just showed what the tools can do on various pieces of wood. Errol went on to say this was very much a learning curve for everyone including himself.

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Our next meeting 14-10-2021 Demo By Errol Levings, start time of 6.45pm.

Our next meeting on the 14th October 2021 is a demonstration by Errol Levings on the use of various texturing and spiralling tools. These are some of the most interesting tools to have, they can create some amazing results once you master the use of these tools, they come in various guises, used to create texture to your work, some come with various interchangeable parts to create various spiral effects, and the most basic of these is the chatter tool.

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Our next meeting 30-09-2021 Showtime. Start time 6.45pm

Its showtime once more, and the first showtime we have arranged after the re-start of our regular meetings. The purpose of the showtime meetings is to let other members of the club see what you have been up to since the shut down, as the time closed was about 18 months you must all have plenty of things you have made over that period of time, now is the time to share them with the rest of our members. There is no limit on the amount of items you could bring to the showtime, we will assess how many each person can show once we see the number of items being shown. It would be good if during the showing of your work you could give the members a commentary on what you made.

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Report on our meeting 16-09-2021 Demo by John Ruickbie.

Our meeting on Thursday 16th September 2021 was a demonstration by John Ruickbie, John was to make a bandstand clock using some slats from whisky barrel staves. John had brought along a finished example along with some of the stave material, he explained that these were not square nor were they straight and that they had also been scorched on the inside, all of this presented some problems when mounting them on the lathe, John had made up some jigs to help overcome some of these problems. John also knew the time allocated for the demonstration would not be enough for the entire project to be completed so he did some of the preparation work at home and would show and explain how it was done as he went through the procedure.

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Report on our meeting 02-09-2021 light assisted goblet.

This was our first meeting after the pandemic restrictions were lifted that turning was involved, and it was good to be back in operation again. We have made some changes within the club to make it much safer for everyone to return, this included installing some ventilation fans and a CO2 monitor, and to combat any dust issues, we are currently installing a full dust extraction system to all the lathes and the bandsaw.

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Our next meeting 02-09-2021 Demonstration by Alec Mutch.

Our meeting on Thursday 2nd September 2021 will be in Munlochy, start time of 6.45pm.

Yes this is our first actual meeting where turning will be demonstrated after a very long shut down. I will be doing the demonstration, I’m going to make a thin walled end grain goblet made from a branch of fairly wet wood and leaving the top as natural edged as possible. To do this you will need to make up some sort of light assistance as you will see, and the procedure for turning this type of goblet is not what you might expect, all will be revealed on the night.

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Welcome back all HWC members, 19-08-2021.

It is with great pleasure to announce that we are about to open our club again after such a long time closed.

We are to have an Extraordinary General Meeting on the 19th August 2021, this will take place in our premises in Munlochy start time of 6.30pm. The purpose of the meeting is to welcome you all back and to bring you all up to date with what has happened since we last met in March of 2020 and also take a look ahead in the near future.

On arrival we would ask you all to bring a face covering and to use the sanitising supplied as you enter. All will be seated and the use of face masks will be voluntary whilst seated.

A very strict attendance register will be kept, we will require everyone to sign in on entry, this will help in the event of track and trace should it become necessary.

You will also observe that we are in the process of making some changes inside the clubhouse, more on that will be explained at the meeting.

The meeting is not expected to last more than 1 to 2 hours, and for this first meeting there will be no turning.

I’m very pleased to make this announcement and I’m looking forward to seeing all of you again, remember to take your clip on name badges with you, for those who are new members and don’t yet have a badge, speak to Geoff Potter at the meeting and he will arrange for a badge to be made for you.

Regards to all, Alec Mutch on behalf of your committee.