Report on our virtual meeting 25-06-2020 competition by Errol Levings.

Our virtual meeting on the 25th June 2020 was to be a competition, being handled by Errol Levings, the Novice category were asked to make a Natural Edged Bowl from 1/2 a log, the Intermediate category were to make a Natural Edged Bowl from a whole log and the Experienced category were to make an Inside Out Turning. There wasn’t going to be any judging it was all for the experience of doing it.

I have to tell you that the uptake for this competition was very very poor and quite disappointing I received very few pictures, but those I did receive will be shown here along with some of my own pictures just to pad out the post.

We do have pictures from Bill Munro, Dave Line, Jeff Buttress and myself.

To get a larger picture of any of those shown in the gallery below, just click the picture.

We are hoping for a better uptake for the next virtual meeting, that will be on the 9th July 2020, it’s also being handled by Errol Levings and the subject matter was going to be making an Offset Candle Holder or any Candle Holder. Lets get lots of pictures from our members for our members, start now and get the pictures to me for inclusion in our web site.

We hope you are all still keeping well and avoiding this deadly virus.

Do remember the clubhouse remains closed.

Competition virtual meeting 25-06-2020

This week would have seen our 2nd competition for this year, this will now be handled virtually, it should have been taking place on Thursday 25-06-2020, it was being organised by Errol Levings and Errol had laid down the criteria for the competition. He wanted the Novice group to make a Natural edged Bowl from half a log, he wanted the Intermediate group to make a Natural edged Bowl from a whole log, and the Experienced group were tasked with making an Inside Out Turning. Whatever group you are in can you still make something in line with what Errol has asked for, there will be no judging taking place, do it for your club or do it for Errol, I will let Errol see all the entries and he may well decide to comment on some of them. Firstly we want plenty of entries in all 3 categories, you have up to Thursday evening to get your items made, photographed and sent to me, I will be uploading them to our web site on the following day.

Don’t let Errol down, I know he is looking forward to seeing what you all have made.

I have given you 3 pictures of things made using Errol’s criteria.

This is a Spalted Beech bowl that was made from half a log, the type of thing Errol is looking for the Novice group to make.
This is a Laburnum bowl made from a whole log, this is a little more difficult and would suit the Intermediate group. This one was made from a “Y” piece but a straight log will be all that’s required.
The final group, the Experienced members, you are being asked to make an Inside Out Turning, it can be any size or shape.

Our entries over the past few weeks for virtual meetings or just for publication have been very poor in number, we would like to see you all entering your work much more than has been happening, so please enter into the spirit of the virtual meetings until we eventually get back to the clubhouse, we are aware that may be some time yet so the only way we can keep in touch is through the internet.

Send your pictures to me at,

Remember the clubhouse remains closed.

Report on our virtual meeting 11-06-2020 making weed pots.

Our virtual meeting on the subject of weed pots was held on Thursday 11th June 2020. It was being organised by myself, the usual criteria was in place, the members were to make the weed pots and send their pictures to me for publication on our web site. It was looking fairly clear to me that by Tuesday evening I had very few pictures from only 4 members, this was to say the least very disappointing, so as I was the organiser I decided to do a tutorial on the making of a weed pot, if only to make it worth while to do a post.

I have also change some of the ways I used to present the entries, I do hope you approve of my new method, it will be presented in 2 parts, the 1st part will be the members entries and the 2nd part will be the tutorial.

Part one, the members entries. Click any picture for a larger view.

Here’s a short video of Mike Day’s Weed Pot

Part two, a tutorial by Alec Mutch, on making a weed pot, see the gallery below, there are 24 pictures in 12 entries, just follow the pictures 1 to 24 and you should produce a weed pot at the end if it, click the pictures.

I hope you have gained something from this post from both the members and myself, I hope we can get a better response from our members in the future, our next virtual meeting was to be a competition organised by Errol Levings, this will now be a virtual meeting. Errol wanted the competition to be on 3 subjects, the Novice group were to make a Natural Edged Bowl from 1/2 a log, the Intermediate group were to make a Natural Edged Bowl from a full log The Experienced group were to make an Inside Out Turning. Now I would like you all to follow what Errol has asked for and make something in line with his requests, there will be no judging, but then there doesn’t need to be, just do it for your own satisfaction and remember to send the pictures to me.

Do remember the clubhouse remains closed.

Weed pots virtual meeting 11-06-2020

Our meeting this Thursday should have been all about making weed pots, it will now be handled on line by means of a virtual meeting, it was to be organised by myself, what we would like you to do is to make a weed pot or more than one and send the pictures to me along with some text for publication on our web site. These are not difficult things to make and they use up odd bits of wood that would otherwise not be used.

We had a real disappointing entry for the Inside Out Turnings, I hope we can do a whole lot better with this subject.

If you need some guidance on what a weed pot is and how to make it, click the link provided below for a full description on how to make one.

The pictures and text need to be sent to me by Friday 12th June at the latest, email them to

Do remember the clubhouse remains closed.