Report on our meeting 23-06-2022, Showtime.

Our meeting on the 23rd June 2022 was another Showtime meeting, organised by David Hobson and compered by myself, we had entries from 12 members and a total of over 30 individual items shown. The standard of the entries was as usual very good, there were several entries from members who had very recently joined our club, some of the trainee turners also exhibited, a positive step for them as they were so very new to woodturning.

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Our meeting this week 23-06-2022 Showtime.


Our meeting this week on Thursday 23rd June 2022 is a Showtime meeting, organised by David Hobson, compered by Myself (Alec Mutch). The usual format applies, bring whatever you have made recently or not so recently and tell us all about what you have made and why you made it or any other interesting snippets you consider we might like to hear.

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Report on our latest training evening, 16-06-2022.

Our latest training evening was on the 16th June 2022, organised by Nick Simpson our training manager, he had arranged for all 5 lathes to be in operation but unfortunately one of the pupils failed to show, all 5 tutors were present but it did leave David Hobson at a loose end, however he volunteered to stay and do some observation along with taking a few pictures for this post.

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Report on our training evening 02-06-2022.

Our latest training meeting took place on the 2nd June 2022, we were to have all 5 lathes working with 5 pupils and 5 tutors, however one of the pupils had to call off at short notice, this meant that one of the tutors would no longer be required, that tutor was our training manager Nick Simpson. He did attend as usual and stayed to do the officiating and be an observer for the meeting.

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