Weed pots virtual meeting 11-06-2020

Our meeting this Thursday should have been all about making weed pots, it will now be handled on line by means of a virtual meeting, it was to be organised by myself, what we would like you to do is to make a weed pot or more than one and send the pictures to me along with some text for publication on our web site. These are not difficult things to make and they use up odd bits of wood that would otherwise not be used.

We had a real disappointing entry for the Inside Out Turnings, I hope we can do a whole lot better with this subject.

If you need some guidance on what a weed pot is and how to make it, click the link provided below for a full description on how to make one.


The pictures and text need to be sent to me by Friday 12th June at the latest, email them to a.j.mutch4321@btinternet.com

Do remember the clubhouse remains closed.

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