Competition results 18-03-2021

Our virtual meeting on the 18th March 2021 was the Easter competition. The theme for the competition was to make Chess Pieces, the competition was arranged by Nick Simpson and was judged by Nick Simpson and Errol Levings. There were 3 categories for the competition, beginners, intermediate and experienced, each category had a different set of criteria set for them to follow, the beginners were requested to make a Chess Piece of any rank, the intermediate category were requested to make 2 Chess Pieces that were matching of equal rank, the experienced category were requested to make 2 matching Chess Pieces of equal rank from Rook (Castle), Knight or Bishop plus 1 Queen or King. Here are the results of the competition.

The Beginners category was won by Jeff Buttress for his Queen.

Here are some pictures of Jeff’s Queen

There was a tie for the second place in the beginners category between Craig Dickson’s Pawn and Jeff Buttress for his King.

Here are the pictures of Craig Dickson’s Pawn.
Here are the pictures of Jeff’s King.

4th place was taken by Geoff Potter for his Knight.

Here are the pictures of Geoff’s Knight.

5th place was also taken by Geoff Potter for this Knight.

Here are the pictures of Geoff’s 2nd Knight.

There were no Intermediate entries so we now move on to the Experienced category.

1st prize was taken by John Ruickbie for his Queen and 2 Castles.

Here are the pictures of John’s Queen and 2 castles.

2nd Prize went to David Ross for his Queen and 2 Bishops.

Here are the pictures of David’s Queen and 2 Bishops.

3rd place went to me Alec Mutch for my Queen and 2 Bishops.

Here are the pictures of my Queen and 2 Bishops (Alec Mutch)

4th Place went to Dave Line for his King and 2 Bishops.

Here are the pictures of Dave’s King and 2 Bishops.

That concludes the competition entries, we will be running more competitions over the next few months, and we hope to see the entries increase in number, do remember there is a £25 first price to be won in each of the 3 categories.

To help you understand the judging criteria Nick and Errol have produced a chart to help you all understand what the judges would be looking for. Scroll right or left to see all the criteria.

ScoreDesign & InnovationFinish  Turning Skills
DesignInnovationWood/sandingApplied FinishComplexitySkills demonstratedMatch
0Not pleasing to the eyeA poor copy No innovationNo attempt to finish or sandNo finish applied (when one is required)SimplisticCrude workmanship, little effort madeNo attempt to match
1No real attempt at designA copy, no innovation shownCrude attempts at finish either turning or sandingInappropriate finish poorly appliedMore than one distinct featurePoor workmanshipCrude attempt at match
2Clear attempts at design demonstratedA good copy with some enhancementsSome tool marks and/or inconsistent sandingSome inconsistencies in the applied finishSeveral interesting features, well integratedReasonable workmanshipClear attempt at matching
3Good design elements incorporated but not executed as well as possibleSome unique features and/or different materials and/or techniquesGood overall, minimal tool marks and fairly good, reasonably consistent sandingReasonably good overall finish but some issues still evident on close inspectionGood level of features and detail and/or use of different materials, techniques etc..Good level of skills demonstrated in producing this item.Some, but not all elements match
4Good design – some small improvements potentially possible.Good attempt to innovate and/or combine materials and/or techniquesSome imperfections in the wood surface that could have been rectifiedSome imperfections in the finish that could have been rectifiedContains a series of complex featuresMultiple complex techniques required and most achieved successfullySome minor mismatches only
5No improvements could realistically improve the design. Visually pleasing and very interesting.A very innovative design, or significant progression of an existing design.No obvious way to improve the turned/sanded finish.The best finish for the item. All areas finished very wellExceptional complexity in the turning and construction.Exceptional technique in all elementsExcellent match in all aspects.
The numbers on the far left are the points awarded in each section. Good luck to all of you in future competitions.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all of you who took part in the competition and also our thanks to the organisers and Judges Nick and Errol.

Do remember the clubhouse remains closed.

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