HWC members pictures 19-04-2020

Here are some more of our members pictures that I recently received, they have come from Gordon Leitch and Jeff Buttress. I did receive some of Gordon’s pictures before the post on Natural edges went out, but as these pictures did not have any natural edge element in any of the items he sent me pictures of, I decided to do them as a separate post, and here they are now.

These were the first 2 pictures , the picture on the left has a bowl and a box both made from Walnut, the picture on the right has 2 goblets, both made from Native Yew.

A few days later I also received some more pictures from Gordon Leitch this time of a natural edged bowl, and Gordon had a couple of questions about the item he had made.

These are the 3 pictures of his Natural edged bowl, Gordon also went on to ask the following.
Evening Alex I am sending you 3 photos of a natural edge bowl I just finished for your thoughts. It is made from a misshapen piece of laburnum,
(A)  Would you have carried on or scrapped piece ?? 
( B) Do you think it looks odd with hole in side. 
 I would appreciate your thoughts.  
Regards Gordon 
Here’s what I think Gordon, I would most certainly have carried on, it would not have been scrapped, do I think it looks odd with the hole in the side? certainly not! I am always looking for odd things or odd shapes to turn into precious artefacts , you have done very well with this piece of work.
These next 5 pictures came in from Jeff Buttress.
Jeff you have done very well with all the items you have made, you would also appear to be very much better at the cleaning up than most of us are, I’ve never seen my workshop this tidy even when I was setting it up.
Here’s what Jeff had to say about his pictures,

Hi Alec
I enjoyed seeing the members work for the live edge bowl work, so much that I decided to have a go. Having had the beginners tuition postponed because of the closure I’ve been trawling you tube for guidance.
I usually only turn pens but with time on my hands I’m exploring further. My first turned bowl (pic 1) is from a mahogany blank 150 mm dia x 60 deep. I’m quite pleased with the resulting bowl even though the walls are on the thick side at 10mm.  The second piece I tried ( pic 2 )was from a Laburnum blank I prepared myself from a tree taken down about 4 years ago. It started life at 135 mm dia x 50 deep and I ended up with a bowl 128mm dia x 45 mm deep with wall thickness of 7 mm. Both bowls were finished with sanding sealer and Melamine lacquer. The main problem I had was dust instead of shavings with some of the cuts. Today after having been inspired by the club images I decided to have a go at a live edge bowl. I don’t have any seasoned wood suitable for a live edge bowl but I had a lime tree lopped a month ago so found a suitable bit of green wood. I started with a branch joint about 90mm diameter and 120 long. One of the bits in pic 3. I’m really pleased with the result (pic 4) although I have a few issues with it, There are a couple of areas of tear out that I couldn’t get rid of and sanding proved a bit difficult, just kept clogging up. I will see how well it dries and will possibly be able to remount it and sand it and add a finish coat. Pic 5 is a view of my woodturning shed with the 1960’s Tyme lathe I rebuilt.
Jeff Buttress.

Thank’s to Gordon and Jeff for sharing their work and thoughts with us all I hope this will inspire some more of you to send in some pictures, but do remember to give me a few details along with them.

Also remember that our clubhouse remains closed, the situation will be reviewed after we see what the government does on the 7th May, in the meantime stay safe and avoid this virus.

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