Our meeting this week, 24-11-2022. A memorial to Cliff Sim.

Start time 6.45pm.

Our meeting this week is a memorial to our late treasurer Cliff Sim who died on the 5th September 2022.

Cliff was our treasurer for many years and was held in the highest regard by everyone in our club, his book keeping was second to none keeping a close track of all revenue and expenses, he updated our club committee on the financial situation at every committee meeting and gave a full audited account at our AGM meetings.

He wasn’t always able to stay for the full time at some of our meetings, they clashed with some of his many other interests, he was on the committee of a few different organizations and the treasurer to more than just the HWC , but he always made the effort to attend as many meetings as he could if only staying for half an hour before rushing off to the Rotary Club or another group he was involved with, he was an avid listener to all things Robbie Burns and to that end the church organist played some of Robbie Burns tunes whilst the church was filling up, his funeral was very well attended something I suspect had to do with the fact he was involved with numerous organizations.

There was a very poignant moment at his funeral that I would like to share with you, it was under the heading of,

For Personal Reflection

A life Well Lived.

A life well lived is precious gift of hope and strength and grace, from someone who has made our world a brighter, better place.

It’s filled with moments, sweet and sad with smiles and sometimes tears, with friendships formed and good times shared and laughter through the years.

A life lived is a legacy of joy and pride and pleasure, a living, lasting memory our grateful hearts will treasure.

This meeting was suggested by John Ruickbie as a tribute to Cliff, he had brought our club some wood from church pews that were being disposed of and Cliff being Cliff didn’t want to see this wood going to waste, he brought a whole lot of it to our club to be re-used. John has organized for 5 turners to make something at the club from the wood Cliff brought in, with a view that we may return some of it as new items to the family as a thank you for Cliff’s involvement in our club.

On another very sad note, we have this week received the information that another of our club members had also passed away, Uisdean Macbeth had died last week, his funeral had been arranged for this coming Monday, however that has been postponed due to a family crisis and we now wait for information about his funeral date. Uisdean was a long time member of our club, very enthusiastic but had missed a lot of this year’s meetings due to illness, he will be sadly missed.