Our next meeting 14-09-2023 A Showtime meeting organized by Errol Levings.

Start time 6.45pm.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 14th September 2023, it’s a Showtime meeting organized by Errol Levings. The Showtime meetings have been traditionally very well received, but after some discussion at committee level it was agreed that a new system be piloted with the format of these meetings and as Errol was the person tasked with handling the meeting on the 14th September he agreed to give the pilot a go.

You are still all being asked to bring along any item you have made or are in the process of being made to the meeting, the format will be changed and Errol has set out some pieces of information to help you understand what the new format will be.

Errol’s guidance in general; Ideally, the member should be prepared to talk about their entry, and some guidance on this would be;-

Where their idea or inspiration for the piece came from.

Problems encountered in deciding how to make the piece, what chucking to use, how to re-mount, how to finish and so on.

Choice of blank, type of wood, shape of blank whether natural or milled.

Problems encountered during the making and how they were resolved “turners don’t make mistakes, they make changes”.

How they chose to finish the piece from refining the shape, abrasives used, sealing and finish coating to suit the end purpose of the item.

What other issues?

The piece can be something the member particularly likes and is proud of, or even unfinished and want some advice on how to resolve the problem they are having with the piece.

If those members whose entries do not get to be discussed would like, they could bring their item to the next meeting to discuss with one or more experienced turners. Errol Levings 15 Aug 23.

On entry to the meeting register with Errol if you have something to show or discuss, Errol will then put you through what happens next.

As this is the new format being piloted I have no suitable pictures to show you under theses terms and conditions, I have looked out a few pictures from Showtime meetings held under the original system, here are they.

These pictures show the range of items brought in to our March 16th 2023 meeting, it also shows the amount of participation by the members along with the diversity.

These pictures were taken at our last Showtime meeting on the 8th June 2023, again showing a wide range of items and good participation.

We are looking to have a good response for this Showtime meeting, do bring your items along we are all interested to see what turns up, lets make the new format Showtime meeting a big success, we hope to see you all there.

Tea and coffee will be available for a 50p donation, the usual raffles will also be on sale, we are also very happy to receive donations for the meetings raffles, be it wood blanks or any other item.