Our next meeting 25-04-2024, a Showtime Meeting, organized by Dave Line.

Start Time 6.45pm.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 25th April 2024, it’s a Showtime Meeting, organized by Dave Line, he has invited all our members to take part by showing something that they had made and to say a few words about any item they have brought in to show.

You will need to register with Dave as soon as you arrive if you have something to show, Dave will give you a running order where you will be invited up to show and tell about any item you have made. It does not need to be competition material or even a finished product, it may be that you just want some information from the members on a problem you have encountered.

Showtime Meetings have always been very popular with the members and we hope that tendency continues, it’s always interesting to see what others have made and it gives you the opportunity to to see and hear about what others have made, you will almost always learn something new at every meeting.

Here are a few pictures from our archives on previous meetings,

This picture takes us right back to February 2018.

These pictures were taken at a Showtime meeting in September 2021.

Here are a couple of pictures from April 2021.

Here are 3 very different items that were shown at another Showtime meeting.

We are hoping to see a wide range of items or if it’s information you have come for that’s all very acceptable too, we can all learn from each other, so do take something along to show or to talk about.

Tea and coffee will be available for a 50p donation and the usual raffles will be on sale.

We have vacancies in our membership and are currently looking to recruit more new members, if woodturning is something you think you might like to try contact us and we will give you an invitation to attend one of our meetings free of charge.

We are also one member down on our committee members and are looking to fill that vacancy, if you feel you have something to offer the club by becoming a committee member we would be more than interested to talk to you, you would be required to devote a little bit of your time to the club if you take on the role. If interested talk to any of the committee members and let them hear your views, they would then bring your interest to the rest of the committee for approval.