Our next meeting 28-09-2023, organized by Alan Geddes.

Start time 6.45pm

Our next meeting is on Thursday 28th September 2023, its being organized by Alan Geddes and Alan’s theme for the meeting is making Wooden Platters, Alan has arranged to have all 5 lathes working and making Wooden Platters.

In addition to himself there will be 4 more turners hopefully making slightly different styles of Platter. Platters are quite a popular item for woodturners to make and the variations that can be put into a Platter is only limited by your imagination, I have been through our archives for some pictures of Platters and shallow plates for you to see, these are just a small selection showing the diversity in Platters.

The first lot of pictures are for fairly straight forward Platters,

None of these have anything other than the wood, but even here the differences can be limitless.

The next set of pictures is showing some diversification, and here again the designs are limitless.

Apart from the 2 that have Laser work done on them, all the rest are perfectly possible for any woodturner, be it using the natural edge to enhance a Platter or using some kind of insert and applying some painted areas.

Following on with inserts and paint.

Here the insert work is considerably more complicated but very effective, the painted rims of the 3 plates use a variety of different Pebeo paints to achieve the different look.

We hope to have a good turn out for this meeting and look forward to seeing what the turners produce, the tea and coffee will be available for a 50p donation and the meeting raffles will be on sale.

We are starting the sale of the Christmas Raffles at this meeting, we are also looking for some of the prizes to be donated by our members in addition to the prizes we will be procuring. Our Christmas Raffle prizes usually total around a hundred prizes.