Our next meeting 29-02-2024, our first Shield Competition in 2024. Arranged by Nick Simpson.

Start time 6.45pm.

Our meeting on Thursday 29th February is our first Shield Competition in 2024, it’s being arranged by Nick Simpson and Nick’s theme for this competition is all to do with Honey Dippers an Honey Pots.

The criteria for all 3 categories is as follows.

Novice category, you just have to make a Honey Dipper.

Intermediate category, you are required to make a Honey Pot and Dipper.

Open category, you are required to make a Honey Pot with a Lid and a Dipper.

Susan Drew and David Hobson will be assisting in the Competition, registering the entries and setting out the categories. Do take part in the Competition, we want to see lots of entries in all 3 categories. Judging will be done using some members of the club along with the organizers.

Here are a few pictures of Honey Dippers and Honey pots, some with lids as well.

Left, some examples of Honey Dippers. Centre, an Olive wood Honey Pot and Dipper. Right, a pair of Olive wood Honey Pots with Dippers and Lids.

Left, A pair of Holly wood Honey Dippers. Centre, An Olive wood Honey Dipper that has some carved bees as decorations. Right, Honey Dippers taken to a completely different scale, but very impressive.

Left, A selection of Honey Dippers in a variety of different woods, do take into account that some woods may be better than others to make Honey Dippers from, and don’t forget about the toxic woods. Centre, An elegant Olive wood Honey Pot and Dipper. Right, a Honey Dipper in use.

I hope these few pictures give you some idea of what a Honey Pot and Dipper are all about and that you take on the challenge to make and enter something for the Competition in your category.

The club lathes will all be in use during the Competition Judging time, there will be 5 turners all doing their own thing, it should be an interesting evening.

Tea and Coffee will be available for a small donation of 50p, as will the usual fortnightly raffle be on sale. We look forward to seeing you all there and do put in an entry to the Competition.