Our next meeting 8-12-2022 Christmas Competition and grand raffle draw.

Start time 6.45pm.

Our next meeting is on the 8th December 2022, it’s the start of our competitions again after a long period of having no competitions due to the pandemic. Our last competition held at our club was at the Christmas meeting of 2019.

The competition is open to all our members and there are no themes to the competition, you can make whatever you like, you can also enter more than one item in your category, there are 3 categories, Novice, Intermediate and Experienced, you will be allowed to choose which category you feel most comfortable to enter within reason, the organizers are Nick Simpson and David Hobson, they will be observing which category each member enters and changes my need to take place. The voting will take place from 7pm until complete by all the members present. Arrive with your entry or entries and register with Nick and David.

After the voting has been completed, Nick and David will require some time to count the votes, there will be 3 placements in each category and all will receive a certificate for their winning position. No prizes are going to be awarded for this competition but we will be starting the normal competitions in the new year using a points based system, at the end of that year the shields for all 3 categories will be awarded to the 3 people that have the most points, The MacGregor shield will also be awarded to the overall winner from the 3 categories.

Here are a few pictures of previous Christmas competitions and the raffle prizes.

Some of the Christmas Competition entries from 2017.
Some of the Christmas Competition entries from 2018

Some of the Christmas Competition entries from 2019
This was the last time the shields were presented, we had no competitions at the club in 2020 or 2021 due to the pandemic.
These were some of the prizes in our grand raffle draw in 2018.
These were some of the prizes from the 2019 grand raffle draw.
We did have the Raffle draw in 2021 although we didn’t have the Competition, as you can see that meeting was still following Covid rules with the use of face masks.

This will be our last meeting in 2022, our next meeting will be on the 5th January 2023 and it is being managed by John Ruickbie who will be making a clock with some natural features remaining, we hope to see you all there but in the meantime your committee would like to wish you all a very good Christmas and a Happy New Year.