Report on our 3rd Shield Competition for 2023. Organized by Nick Simpson.

Our meeting on Thursday 9th November 2023 was our 3rd Shield Competition for 2023, it was originally organized by Nick Simpson, however due to unforeseen circumstances Nick had to miss the meeting, he did delegate the responsibilities to David Hobson, who in turn was assisted by Susan Drew and Dave Hutcheson.

The criteria for the Competition was to make Christmas decorations, the Novice and Intermediate categories were to make any Christmas decoration, the Experienced (Open) category were to make a matching pair of Christmas decorations. The judging was to be done by David Hobson and Dave Hutcheson and Susan Drew was to handle the registration for all 3 categories.

The entries were very few in the Intermediate and Open categories but considerably better in the Novice group. Here are some pictures of all the entries and the winning items in each category.

Here are the Novice Category entries 6 in total.

Here are the Intermediate category entries , only 3 individuals entered.

Here are the Experienced (open) category entries, only 2, very disappointing.

The judging took place from 7pm onwards with the results being forthcoming shortly after 8pm, so even although the entries were on the short side the judges gave all the entries a thorough examination based on the Competitions criteria set out by Nick Simpson.

Here are the winners.

That concluded the Competition, as the winners were announced they each received a hearty round of applause, as indeed did the judges and organizers.

At the same time as the Competition was being judged Joe Webster had arranged for all 5 lathes to be in operation, here are just a few pictures of their proceedings.

Here is Joe Webster turning a Platter out of a piece of Beech. Picture 1, Joe has just started his Platter. Picture 2, the underside now progressing well. Picture 3, the underside now polished. Picture 4, here Joe was working on the inside of his Platter.

Here is Julian Cox making a start on a Christmas decoration made from Greenheart. Picture 2, sees Julian positioning the body of his decoration to be turned. Picture 3, Julian is sanding the body part. Picture 4, here Julian is turning the stem for his decoration.

Here we have Alan Smith getting ready to start, Alan was to make a bowl from Meranti. Picture 2, Alan has turned the base and is now finishing the sanding. Picture 3, Alan has turned the piece around and is now working on the inside. Picture 4, the inside now being polished.

Here we have Richard Comfort working on a piece of Ash making a Natural edged bowl. Picture2, sees Richard shaping the outside. Picture 3, here Richard is applying some sanding sealer to the outside. Picture 4, working on the inside, the Natural edge creates a ghosting appearance which can be seen in this picture.

Here we have Geoff Potter setting up to start, Geoff was to make a Natural edged bowl from a piece of Ash wood. Picture 2, here Geoff is working on the outside, creating the shape and a spigot to hold when it’s turned around. Picture 3, the outside almost complete. Picture 4, Here Geoff is working on the inside, he had a problem with breaking 2 screws from his initial chucking, her he is trying to get them out without doing any damage to his tools.

The evening was well supported by the turners and the members appreciated their contribution during the judging process.

Our next meeting is on the 23rd November, it’s being organized by Susan Drew and her subject matter is making wooden toys, Susan has turners for all 5 lathes, with Christmas on the horizon this is a very apt subject to demonstrate, we will be looking for a good turn out.

We are still selling the Bumper Christmas Raffle tickets and we are also looking to receive more in the way of prizes being donated by the members, remember anything goes.