Report on our AGM meeting on 02-02-2023 and our Committee meeting on 04-02-2023.

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on the 2nd February 2023, this meeting would determine who would be Chairperson and who would be on the Committee for the period from February 2023 until February 2024. In addition to electing the Chairperson and the Committee there were some changes made to the Club’s Constitution this was also discussed and accepted by the membership present and to take immediate effect.

The outgoing Chairperson Alec Mutch did a report to the members on the previous year’s events. Alan Geddes, who replaced the late Cliff Sim as treasurer did a comprehensive report on the financial record for the year 2022, this report was audited by 2 independent people and accepted in full by the membership. Included in Alan Geddes’s report was that we had a deficit for the financial year due to alterations we needed to do to bring the premises up to standard and the ongoing inflation rate especially to the electricity, some changes to the fees were put forward, these too were accepted by the membership and to take immediate effect.

The 12 Committee members including the Chair had all offered to be re-elected. The Chairperson and the Committee members were all proposed , seconded and accepted by the members present, see below for your 2023 Committee.

At the new committee meeting held on the 4th February 2023 in our premises in Munlochy the subjects discussed were.

Allocation of responsibilities each committee member agreed to, as above.

The 2023 programme for the whole year was agreed, subject to changes if circumstances change.

Training, Competitions, Maintenance and Safety were all discussed.

Developments with the hall committee, new equipment and First aid were also all discussed.

To get a fuller understanding on any of these subjects go to, Member Resources, Club Minutes & Documents.