Report on our EGM on 19-08-2021

Our first meeting back after the legal restrictions were lifted resulted in a good number of our members turning up to the meeting. This meeting was just an introductory meeting welcoming everyone back and giving them an up to date account on what has happened during the shut down and where we want to go in the future.

As chairman I gave them a comprehensive account of our activities during the shut down, this mainly centred around the possible move to Maryburgh that we had embarked upon to improve our premises, however that venture failed to come to anything for several reasons. There were several questions from the members on this venture and it’s eventual collapse resulting in the recognition that it was here in Munlochy that we were to stay and it was here we needed to make whatever improvements we could to make the our premises fit for purpose.

We had a full committee meeting the week before that had decided on a few changes we could make in the building, this included improving the space inside by removing a little used office and a partition wall that would not be missed. Installing some fans in the blocked up windows to aid in much better ventilation, set up a sanitising station and some guidance on the use of face masks, we also wanted to create a very accurate attendance list so that we could identify who was present at any meeting should track and trace ever be needed.

Some of the changes that we had mentioned had already begun with several of the committee members doing the work, this included knocking down the office and the partition wall, starting to fit the fans and working out what was required to get a fully functioning extraction system fitted.

A change to the original programme was announced from now until Christmas, these meetings were changed to just a single person working a lathe with all the members seated allowing for face coverings to be removed if the members were comfortable to do so, but it would be left to the individual if he/she wanted to continue to wear a face mask. A revised list of all the meetings between now and Christmas will be out shortly.

The members present could see the progress that had already been made and advised that the rest of the changes would happen over the next few weeks.

Our members at the EGM were informed on all of these matters and accepted our way forward.

I have put together a few photographs of some of the changes for you all to see.

This was the biggest change, here you can see that the office has been removed, the outline of it’s footprint clearly visible, the new framing being constructed is to house the extraction unit, it’s considerably smaller than the old office space was and will be sound proofed as much as we can.
Here on the left is one of the Fans that John Ruickbie has fitted, you can also see the sanitising dispenser next to the fire extinguisher. the picture on the right is the grill for this fan on the outside of the blocked up window.
Left, is fan nr 2, it’s positioned at the opposite end of the room to give us a through flow of air, both these fans can be ran at different speeds, they can also draw air in or expel air out, the control box below the fan allows for a few different ways to run the fans. The picture on the right is the outside face of this fan, still some work to do to finish the outside of this one.

Our next meeting is on the 2nd September 2021, I will be doing a demonstration on the making of a very thin goblet from a green wood branch using a light. The meeting starts at 6.45pm until approx 9pm, included in this will be the sale of raffles for the weekly prizes and also raffles for the big Christmas draw, do buy them, we need the money to pay for all the alterations.

The minutes of the EGM are now available if you want to see a fuller report.

I can tell you that after Cliff made his appeal for donations at the meeting, we have had a tremendous response, and a very big thank you to all who have donated.

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