Report on our virtual meeting 12-11-2020

Our meeting on the 12th November 2020 had to be made into a virtual meeting due to the Covid-19 restrictions still being in operation. The meeting was to be arranged by Cliff Sim his theme was to be making wooden boxes on the lathe. We kept to the theme when we asked you all to make a box or two for the virtual meeting. The response was very poor with only 4 people taking part, those were David Ross, Dave Line , Nick Simpson and myself.

I will give you a feel for what sent in and a following gallery of all the entries along with some comments from each turner.

Made by Dave Line.
Made by David Ross.
Made by Nick Simpson.

Here is the picture gallery of all the entries, just click any picture for a larger view and also for the text attached to each picture.

We do hope this gallery of some of the members work will encourage you to also take part in future posts. It’s not difficult, don’t get too hung up on being perfect with everything, we would just like to see you taking part, I’ll doctor the pictures if needed and also deal with the text that you give me, so please do take part.

The next meeting will also be a virtual meeting again being organised by Cliff Sim and for this meeting Cliff would like to see you making lamp bases, any type, any size. This meeting is scheduled for the 26th November 2020.

Once you have made your lamp base send the pictures to me along with some information on what you have made, don’t worry if you do not have all the electrical parts needed, we all know what they look like, what we want to see is the lamp base you produce.

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