Report on our virtual meeting 29-10-2020

Our meeting on the 29th October was to be a demonstration by Andy Walter of Black Isle Woodturning, it was being organised by Jim Kelman but this had to be changed into a virtual meeting due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.

As there was no theme to work from we asked you all to make something of your own choosing and send the pictures to me for publication on our web site. There were only 2 people responded to this request other than myself, they are Dave Line and Nick Simpson, so thank you Dave and Nick for taking the time to make and send your work to me.

I will give you just a little taste of what’s in the gallery this week,

This is from Dave Line.
This is from Nick Simpson.
This was from me, Alec Mutch.

The rest of the entries are in the gallery that follows along with some information on all of them.

To see a larger picture of any of the gallery images just click the picture.

Our next meeting on the 12th November 2020 will also be a virtual meeting, it was to be organised by Cliff Sim on the subject of boxes. Lets see if we can all do better for the next meeting, we need you to make a box or boxes and send the pictures of them to me, you have 11 days to do this, don’t disappoint me.

Do remember the clubhouse remains closed.

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