This week’s meeting 13th June 2019, Sharpening.

This week’s meeting on the 13th June 2019 is all about sharpening tools, it’s being organized by David Hobson, we will be using the sharpening station at the club along with additional sharpening tools brought in by some of the members who will also demonstrate the use of these tools. There should be at least 3 and possibly 4 members using the sharpening tools and advising on their use, these are David Hay, David Hutcheson, Alec Mutch and possibly Errol Levings. If any of you have a tool or tools that require some attention, then bring it with you, we will try to show you how to sharpen or regrind any tool, we will also be asking you to have a go yourself. Next to using the tools correctly has to be sharpening, without a sharp tool the correct use of the tool becomes nearly impossible.

This is one of the club’s own sharpening tools, it’s based on using a belt rather than a stone or stones, it can produce a very fine edge on any tool in the right hands, it can also accommodate a jig for assisting the user.
This is the other sharpening tool our club has, this time it’s a grinder with 2 different grade grinding stones, this too has the jig facility. The grinder is more useful when regrinding a tool as the stones work much faster in removing material than any belt. I will be bringing my own grinder with me, I don’t use any jigs when sharpening or regrinding it’s all done by eye and touch, and I hope to pass this on to whoever wants to learn.

We are looking for a good turnout as usual and do bring your tools with you.

For all the committee members, remember there is a committee meeting starting at 5.45pm on Thursday, please try to be there sharp.

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