This week’s meeting 16th May 2019.

This week’s meeting on the 16th May 2019 is all about making wooden fruit. It’s being organized by David Hobson, He has arranged for 4 more turners to man the lathes these are Alec MacLeod, John Ruickbie, Bob Chisholm, Richard Comfort and David himself. All will be making some sort of wooden fruits and hopefully a variety of fruits.

Here are a few examples of some wooden fruits from my own portfolio. Left is an Apple made from African Padauk, centre are a couple of Pears made from Sycamore and Ash and right are a pair of Plums made from Purplheart.
These are also from my own portfolio, the Banana although not turned is made from Pau Amarillo and the Grapes that were turned are made from Native Walnut.
Here the fruits can be seen as one display in a bowl made from Native Walnut, the Orange on the right is made from Agba a very light wood that took the detail of an Orange easily, it was stained with an orange water based dye.

These are just some ideas for fruits that we might see at the meeting being made, but there may be some other fruits being made that I have not pictured. Come and observe anyway, we hope for a good turnout and that the meeting will be enjoyable and informative.

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