This week’s meeting, 17th October 2019, Platters.

This week’s meeting on the 17th October 2019 is all about making wooden platters, the meeting has been organized by Jim Kelman and he has 5 turners working the lathes, one of which is a junior member who will be supervised by an experienced member. The turners are Douglas Stewart, Bill Munro, David Hutcheson, Richard Comfort and Richard’s son Liam Comfort who is our junior member and will be supervised.

I have given you a few pictures of Platters I have made in the past, we may see something along these lines being made, but whatever the turners produce will be of interest to the onlooking members.

At the start of the meeting there will be a short statement made by John Ruickbie on the matter of safety. We are looking for a good turnout as usual and hope you enjoy the evenings proceedings. Do remember we are now selling the Christmas raffles and we are also looking for donations for the raffle.

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