This week’s meeting 27th June 2019.

This week’s meeting on the Thursday 27th June 2019 is about wet turning. This has been organized by John Cheadle who is also going to do a short talk on the subject of wet turning before getting into some practical work on wet turning. John is very keen to get some of our members to have a go themselves during his presentation, if you are someone who would be interested in having a go under John’s supervision come prepared to take part. Wet turning can be very interesting in it’s final outcome, do remember that although turned wet whatever is made will still have to dry and it’s that drying process that makes things interesting, to overcome some of the drying problems the item needs to be worked to a very thin thickness. Some other methods can be used, such as using natural edged material, with these the thickness is less critical and if they move in the drying it can hardly be detected due to the fact the natural edges disguise the fact that the item has moved.

Here I have selected 3 items that are all natural edged, if they had been turned wet I would expect to see some movement in the drying, in all three cases it would be hardly visible and would not detract from the finished look they have right now.

Meeting starts 6.45pm as usual and come prepared to do something.

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