Our meeting this week 05-01-2023. Managed by John Ruickbie.

Start time 6-45pm

Firstly, A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our members and to all the followers of our site and facebook page.

Our meeting this week is on Thursday 5th January 2023, it’s being managed by John Ruickbie as a solo presentation, John will be making a clock from more than one piece of wood and will also be leaving some of the natural edges in his design.

I don’t have a picture of the type of thing John is going to do so I have looked back through our archives to get some pictures of the type of things John has made in the past.

These were a pair of candle sticks John made for a Christmas competition some time ago.
John made this scale model of Mons Meg and it was shown at one of our Showtime meetings.
Another example of John’s work, this is an inside out turning for a candle stick, the part John was working on is the main stem.
Here is yet another example of the diversity of John’s work, this is Staved Construction, or possibly better known as Barrel Making.

This is our first meeting of the New Year, we are looking to have a good turnout, you will all get a seat as this is a solo presentation. The usual raffles will be on sale, coffee will be available for a 50p donation.

Be aware of the slope down to the clubhouse if there is any frost or snow, it can turn out to be a little slippery.