Our meeting this week 17-02-2022, A demonstration by John Ruickbie.

Start time 6.45pm

Our meeting this week, Thursday 17th February 2022 is a demonstration by John Ruickbie. John is going to be making a square bowl on the lathe, he will also do some decorative work on the bowl with the use of a fret saw. John had demonstrated something similar a few years ago but as the membership keeps changing John felt it was time to do it again for the benefit of the many new members we have in the club.

I have included a few pictures of Square bowls , a couple that John had made and a couple that I had made.

This is John Ruickbie, picture taken at a previous meeting.
These are 2 bowls that John had made, both are made from Cherry wood, about 200mm square and about 50mm deep. The bowl on the right has been decorated by John, we may see something similar at this meeting.
This is a Square bowl that I made, it’s made from Elm and measured about 200mm square by 50mm deep.
Here is another Square bowl I made, it’s made from Lime wood and measured about 250mm square by about 50mm deep, I engraved this one using a Laser engraver.

We are looking to have a good turnout for the meeting, do remember that there are some Covid rules still in place, you must sign in and you must wear a face mask. There will be the usual raffle and beverages available.

Our next meeting on the 3rd March will be a demonstration by Nick Simpson, Nick will be making a Tricylinder, more about this in the next post.