Our next meeting, 01-02-2024 our AGM.

Start time 6.45pm.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 1st February 2024, it’s our AGM (Annual General Meeting), you are all invited to attend and take part in the election of the Chairperson and club committee for 2024.

Here is a copy of the agenda for this meeting.

1. To receive and adopt the Minutes from the previous AGM of 2nd Feb 2023.

2. To receive and adopt the Chairperson’s report.

3. To receive and adopt the Treasurer’s report and verified annual accounts covering

the affairs of the Club during the previous year.

4. Discuss situation with Name tags and vote on any new proposal.

5. To dissolve the current Committee.

6. The election and appointment of the new Chair person.

7. The election of the rest of the Committee to a total of 12 including the Chair person.

– Election of current Members of the Committee who wish to be re-elected and continue (who have been nominated by the Committee).

– Election of any Members nominated by a Member and seconded by another Member.

8. To receive and decide on any other competent motions on the running of the Club.

Here are a couple of pictures of some recent work I had done by James Nairn with his Wood Mizer , we had to take down 5 Elm trees that were infected with Dutch Elm Disease, as the timber is not affected by the disease I had James come in and mill the timber. Most were cut into slabs 60mm thick and ranging from 5ft to 9ft long, we did cut some 5ft x5ft battens al about 6ft long, all this timber is now under cover and being air dried, it is anticipated that the first of these to be used would be in late spring, as they were dead standing for some considerable time the sap content has been practically replaced with rain water which is much easier to be removed when drying.

As you can see some of these trees were quite large, some chainsaw use was required just to get them onto the mobile mill, but once there the saw dealt with them very efficiently. The bottom 2 pictures show the slabs produced, some of these are 22 inches wide.

Another couple of pictures of the milling process and the timber slabs and battens produced. Bottom left, I purchased a large trailer load of Elm Burrs last year, 124 in total, most of these will be used in the coming year as their moisture content is falling quite steadily. Bottom right, just a small selection of my cut blanks ready for use.

Our next meeting after the AGM is on the 15th February, that is now going to be the meeting we had to cancel due to lots of snow, it’s being organized by Nick Simpson and the theme for the meeting is making wooden trinket boxes, Nick has arranged for there to be 5 turners for this meeting.

The meeting on the 29th February is the first of this years Shield competitions, the subject for all 3 categories is Honey Pots and Dippers, details for each category are on the notice board.

Tea and coffee will be available at the AGM by generous donation and the usual raffle will be on sale, we look forward to seeing you all there.