Report on our meeting 01-02-2024, Our AGM.

Our meeting this week was our AGM (Annual General Meeting) this is the meeting that determines the format for the club for the year ahead, it also discussed and decided on the following,

1. To receive and adopt the Minutes from the previous AGM of 2nd Feb 2023.

2. To receive and adopt the Chairperson’s report.

3. To receive and adopt the Treasurer’s report and verified annual accounts covering

the affairs of the Club during the previous year.

4. Discuss situation with Name tags and vote on any new proposal.

5. To dissolve the current Committee.

6. The election and appointment of the new Chair person.

7. The election of the rest of the Committee to a total of 12 including the Chair person.

– Election of current Members of the Committee who wish to be re-elected and continue (who have been nominated by the Committee).

– Election of any Members nominated by a Member and seconded by another Member.

8. To receive and decide on any other competent motions on the running of the Club.

The minutes from the AGM on the 2nd February 2023 were adopted. The Chairperson’s report was also read and adopted. The treasurer gave a detailed report on the accounts for the previous year and handed out a copy of the accounts , all of which were adopted.

There was a lively discussion on the situation with our name tags, a vote determined that we were to keep the name tags but there were various opinions on how we get the members to wear the name tags.

We had 2 of the existing Committee members not wishing to stand for re-election to the Committee both for personal reasons, they were Errol Levings and Joe Webster, both were given the opportunity to address the meeting, which they did, and both were thanked for their contribution to the club whilst they served on the Committee.

The outgoing Committee were all dissolved and Peter Lawrence took the chair to ask for the meeting to elect the new Chair person. Alec Mutch was nominated by the out going Committee, a vote was taken and Alec Mutch was duly elected for a 6th term as Chairman.

The election of the new Committee then took place, this was done as a block, those wishing to be re-elected were, Peter Lawrence, Geoff Potter, John Ruickbie, David Hobson, Nick Simpson, Dave Line, Alan Geddes, Susan Drew and Alan Smith, they were all nominated and seconded and are now part of the 2024 Committee. This left 2 posts to be filled, Barry Cumming and Keith Brown were both nominated and seconded to join the 2024 Committee, Both accepted the positions.

There were no other issues raised and the meeting ended at approximately 8.30pm

Here are the 2024 Committee members.

There will be a notice on the club notice board with all the Committee members responsibilities, if you have an issue you wish to discuss, check here first to see who is best placed to handle your query.

Our next meeting is on the 15th February 2024, it’s being handled by Nick Simpson and Nick’s theme for the meeting is making trinket boxes, he has arranged for all 5 lathes to be in use. We hope to see you all there.