Our next meeting, 04-01-2024 Organized by Geoff Potter.

Start time 6.45pm.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 4th January 2024, it’s being organized by Geoff Potter and Geoff’s theme for this meeting is making Bowls, Shallow Bowls and Platters. Geoff has enlisted the help of 4 more turners plus himself to man all the lathes.

With 5 turners working the lathes we are bound to see a variety of different approaches being applied nothing specific has been mentioned, but I’m sure there will be variety in what the turners will be doing. You are always welcome to ask questions of the turners if you see something that you are not sure about.

As I have nothing specific to show you I have selected a variety of Bowls, Shallow Bowls and Platters from our archives, including some Natural Edged Bowls. Geoff has a habit of making fairly chunky items that turn out very well even allowing for the thickness being sometimes on the thick side, however we will need to wait to see just what he and the rest of the turners come up with. Here are a couple of pictures of things you are likely to see.

Here are 3 shallow bowls or platters, all 3 are made from Elm but with such obvious differences, the bowl on the left is from a Wych Elm, the greenish streaks a definite give away, the centre bowl is made from Elm and incorporates some side branches that adds a lot of character to this bowl, the bowl on the right is also Elm but this one came from a piece of Burr Elm.

Here are 3 examples of Natural Edged bowls, the one on the left was made from a log of Ash and used the whole diameter of the log, the bowl in the middle was made from a log of Leylandii and turned using the end grain, the bowl on the right was made from a piece of Cherry that included a 2nd branch, in other words made from a “Y” piece.

Now for some very interesting bowls, left and centre are both made from Elm Burrs, the bowl to the right is made from a Salmon Gum from Australia, all 3 were turned to keep as much of the Natural Edges as possible.

We will be looking for a good turn out for this meeting, and remember your annual club fees are due now, you have until the 1st February 2024 to pay your fees.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of your committee to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, and we look forward to seeing you all here.