Report on our meeting 04-01-2024, Organized by Geoff Potter.

Our meeting on Thursday 4th January 2024 was organized by Geoff Potter, Geoff’s theme for the evening was making bowls and platters. Geoff had arranged for 4 turners plus himself to man all the club lathes, however one of the turners was a no show so the meeting went ahead with 4 turners.

The turners were, Geoff Potter making a Natural Edged Bowl from a piece of Ash, Marco Baglioni making a conventional Bowl from a piece of Birch, Dave Line making a coloured Bowl from a piece of Sycamore and Alan Smith making a Bowl from a piece of highly Rippled Ash.

Susan Drew supplied all the pictures, here are some of them along with a little text.

Here we have the meetings organizer Geoff Potter, Geoff was making a Natural Edged Bowl from a piece of Ash. Left, Geoff has completed the turning on the outside and is moving the tool rest out of the way for the final finishing. Right, using a powered sanding system for the final finish. Geoff would go on to work the inside of his bowl .

Here we have Marco Baglioni making ready to start his bowl, Marco was using a piece of Birch, Right, shows Marco making some of the cuts on the outside of his bowl, he had already created a recess for the chuck when he turns it around to work the inside.

Left, the outside turning completed, Marco is now working on the final finishing. Right, Marco has turned the work piece around, it’s now being held on the chuck recess for him to work the inside.

The inside turning complete, here Marco can be seen applying the final finish to his Birch Bowl, here he is burnishing some fine paste wax that he applied to the Bowl.

Here we have Dave Line starting to work on a piece of Sycamore that he will turn into a shallow Bowl with a paint finish to part of the Bowl. Right, the outside almost complete, some final finishing now required.

Left, Dave has completed the outside and has applied some paints, here he is using a heat gun to help the drying of the Acrylic Paints. Right, how it looks after the painting.

Left, Dave is working the inside of his Bowl, he would go on to leave a painted rim as he hollowed out the inside. Right, here is Dave with his finished Bowl.

Here we have Alan Smith about to start on a shallow Bowl, Alan had a very nice piece of Rippled Ash to work on. Right, the outside complete and the work piece now mounted on the chuck to work the inside.

Left, Alan is positioning the tool rest and checking that the work piece rotates freely. Right, here Alan can be seen working the inside of his Bowl.

Left, Alan is applying the final finish to his Bowl. Right, Alan with his finished Bowl.

That concludes the meeting, thanks to Susan Drew for supplying all the pictures, and also a big thank you to Geoff for organizing the meeting and to the other turners who did the demonstrations.

Our next meeting is on the 18th January 2024, it’s being organized by Nick Simpson, his theme is for the turners to make trinket boxes, there should be 4 turners plus himself manning all the club lathes.

The following meeting on the 1st February is our annual AGM, that will start at 6.45pm.