Our next meeting 06-07-2023 organized by Alan Smith.

Start time 6-45pm

Our next meeting is on Thursday 6th July 2023, it’s being organized by Alan Smith, and Alan’s theme for the meeting is to make Shallow Wooden Plates or Bowls, he has arranged for all 5 of the club lathes to be in use, manned by himself and 4 other club members.

Making shallow wooden bowls or plates is one of the most popular of subjects that woodturners tend to do, and it’s understandable to be so popular as there are a huge range of different styles and shapes that can be employed when making these items.

I have looked out a selection of different shallow wooden plates or bowls from our archives to give you an idea of just how diverse this subject can be. I don’t actually know what we will see from the turners on the evening but I do know it will be of interest to all, and hopefully it may include some new ideas, but in the meantime here are a few pictures for you to look over.

Here are some shallow bowls or platters. 1, made from Sycamore 300mm in diameter, 2, made from Birch 330mm in diameter, 3, made from Sycamore 300mm in diameter and scorched, 4, made from Elm 235mm in diameter with crystal insets, 5, made from Lime 235mm square, 6, made from Olive Ash 200mm square.

These are what I expect to see, shallow bowls all measuring about 230 to 250mm in diameter by about 30 to 50mm deep. 7 & 12 are Spalted Beech, 8, is Spalted Flame Beech, 9, is Birch, 10, is Oak, 11, is Sweet Chestnut.

These are more platters than shallow bowls with the exception of item 18 which is a Mahogany and Sycamore laminated Shallow bowl measuring 250mm in Diameter. 13, is Elm, 14 is Birch, 15 & 16 are Elm, 17 is Ash with a decorated rim, all measured over 300mm in diameter except nr18, all were about 50mm in depth.

Here are some of my own preferred choices to make, I like working with Pebeo paints as can be seen in items 19,20 and 21, the woods are 19, Elm, 20, Lime, 21, Ash. All are about 40mm deep. Another of my favourite items to make are Natural Edged pieces, the 2 shown are both made from Elm Burr, 22, was quite small, only measuring 160mm in diameter, item 23, was considerably larger measuring 325mm at it’s widest point.

More of what we are likely to see, a selection of smaller shallow plates or bowls, all these fell into the size range between 180mm to 235mm in diameter and all were about 30 to 40mm deep. 24, is Elm with Half being Burr, 25, is from a piece of Figured Ash, 26, is from an Elm Burr as is 27 which also has a bark inclusion, 28, is from a highly Figured Ash, 29, is from an Elm Burr with bark inclusions

I hope this has whetted your appetite for making Shallow wooden plates or bowls, I think you will agree the range of different styles, shapes and other applications makes turning these only limited by your imagination. We hope to see you all there on Thursday evening. Tea and Coffee will be available for a 50p donation, and our usual raffles will be on sale also.

The following meeting on the 20th July is a follow on from this meeting in part, so much so that it’s theme will be to make Natural Edged Bowls or turning of any description as long as it includes a natural element. This meeting is being organized by Geoff Potter and he will be looking for volunteers to man all 5 lathes, so put yourselves forward.