Our next meeting 09-06-2022 Managed by Dave Line.

Start time 6.45pm.

Our meeting this week, Thursday 9th June 2022 is being managed by Dave Line, Dave’s theme for the meeting is all about making wooden bowls, all 5 lathes will be in operation, Dave has not specified exactly what type of bowl all the turners will be making suffice to say they will all be working on some sort of bowl.

I have been through the archives for some pictures of bowls made by me and some of the members, here are a few of them, I don’t know if we will see any of these but they may give you some ideas on bowls you could make.

These are the featured bowls, all made by me, (left) is a Wych Elm bowl with some very distinct grain, (Centre) a Sycamore bowl with a Pebeo Paint rim to the bowl, (right) an Ash bowl with an embellished rim.
(left) a laminated bowl made by Dave Line, (centre) a Tiger Oak bowl made by Nick Simpson, (right) an Oak bowl made by Geoff Potter.
These 4 were all made by me (Alec Mutch) 1, is a Birch bowl. 2, is the Wych Elm bowl featured, the green streaks throughout this bowl gives away it’s origin, 3, A similar style of bowl made from English Elm, note no green streaks. 4, an Olive Ash bowl with a decorated rim done with Pebeo Paints.
I thought I would include some Natural Edged Bowls, we may just see something like one of these at the meeting. (Top left) a Laburnum bowl made from a crux in the tree. (Top right) an Ash bowl made from a whole log. (bottom left) another Laburnum bowl, this one was made in end grain. (bottom right) another end grain bowl, this one was made from Leylandii.

That’s it folks, now we need to see what the meeting will bring, we are as usual looking for a good turn out, the usual raffles will be on sale and there will be the availability of coffee for a small donation.