Report on our training evening 02-06-2022.

Our latest training meeting took place on the 2nd June 2022, we were to have all 5 lathes working with 5 pupils and 5 tutors, however one of the pupils had to call off at short notice, this meant that one of the tutors would no longer be required, that tutor was our training manager Nick Simpson. He did attend as usual and stayed to do the officiating and be an observer for the meeting.

Nick opened the meeting by giving his customary talk on procedure and also arranged for John Ruickbie (safety officer) to give some advice on safety matters in the event of a fire.

As Nick was now going to be an observer I got him to take a few pictures during the course of the evening, here are those pictures,

On Lathe 1 we have Errol Levings (left) teaching Susan Drew on spindle work. Picture 1, shows Errol explaining to Susan how to lay out a piece of wood to make a spurtle. Picture 2 , Susan is tasked with turning the square to the round. Picture 3, Susan can be seen working some of the detailed shape. Picture 4, the spurtle almost complete.
Lathe 2 was not in use so I was working on Lathe 3 with Kathleen Line. Picture 5, I am demonstrating how to use the roughing gouge to bring the wood to a cylinder. Picture 6, Kathleen has the blank almost down to a cylinder. Picture 7, I got Kathleen to use the parting tool, several cuts with very little difficulty. Picture 8, here we are making coves and beads, a little more difficult for her to manage, more practice required.
On Lathe 4 was John Ruickbie tutoring Catrin Anderson. Picture 9 shows John demonstrating the use of a roughing gouge to bring the wood to a cylinder. They were working on spindle turning and John had tasked Catrin with making a candlestick. Picture 10, John is showing Catrin how to use some sanding cloth.
On Lathe 5 we have Geoff Potter tutor (right) with Tony Wilson pupil (left). Picture 11 shows them both mounting up a blank on a faceplate. Picture 12, Tony can be seen using a bowl gouge to take the blank to the round. They would go on to do some of the inside but Tony was tasked to finish it at home.
13, is the view looking down the clubhouse, 3 of the 4 work stations can bee seen, also in the picture (left) is Peter Lawrence seated and taking everything in. Picture 14, has Dave line working on securing down some of the club’s sharpening equipment at our recently altered sharpening station.
Here are the 4 pupils with some of their work , all are at different stages with their turning.

That concludes the pictures of the meeting, however I did receive another picture from Geoff who in turn received the picture from Carol Craig, Carol had recently joined the club and had only her first lesson 2 weeks ago.

Here is the picture from Carol Craig this is what she had to say about it. I had my first lesson in making a bowl last week and absolutely loved it. Managed to make my own one from start to finish on my lathe at the weekend which I was so chuffed with. Attached is what I managed.

Carol’s tutor for her first lesson was John Ruickbie, he too has seen the picture as has Nick Simpson (training manager) all have given it a vote of approval as being very well done and I whole heartily endorse that opinion.

Our next teaching evening will be on the 16th June.