Our next meeting 12-05-2022, Vase’s and small items.

Start time 6.45pm.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 12th May 2022, it is being managed by David Ross and David will have all 5 lathes working. He has asked 3 of the demonstrators to make wooden Vase’s or some sort of smaller items, he is also using 2 of the lathes for some teaching practices as a one off for this particular meeting.

You will still be able to observe at all 5 lathes and ask questions as before at any other meeting.

I have taken some pictures of Vase’s and small items from our archives by way of examples to show you what you might be expected to see, here are those pictures.

These were all made by me, 1, is a small vase made from a piece of Elm with some flowering grasses. 2, is the same Vase in close up. 3, is a African Padauk Vase, again with the grasses. If you intend to put some grasses in a similar type of vase, put them in fresh cut and stand them up as they were growing, allow to dry in this position, do not dry them as you would for flowers, I.E. upside down, they dry best this way up and keep their shape, no water to be used in any of these.
4, are 2 Banksia Nut vases, 5, a Spalted Sycamore Vase all made by me. 6, is an offset Vase taken off the internet, the wood is African Paduak.
These Vases I much prefer to call them Weed Pots, again all made by me, 7, is a Zebrano Pot measuring 2 inches in diameter by 4 inches high. 8, a matching pair of Weed Pots made from 4 different woods, what you are seeing is the front of one and the back of the other.

We are looking to have a good turn out and we hope you enjoy seeing how the turners go about their tasks, we hope it may inspire you to make some for yourselves.

Do remember to sign in, there will be coffee available as usual, and we will also have the customary raffle on sale, please be generous with both.