Report on our latest training evening 05-05-2022.

Our latest training evening was held on the 5th May 2022, it was attended by 4 trainees and 4 tutors. The training programme is managed by Nick Simpson, he welcomed everyone to the training session and outlined the present position in regards to Covid, he went on to give his usual safety information advice before commencing with the programme.

The evening went very well for all concerned, we did take a few pictures on the evening and here they are along with a little information on who and what.

Here we have Craig Dixon being mentored by Nick Simpson (our training manager) they were making a shallow bowl from a piece of Sycamore, here Craig is just starting to work on the inside of the bowl, being guided by Nick.
Here we have Joe Webster being mentored by David Hobson. They are working on a piece of Wych Elm, David can be seen setting up the tool rest for Joe to, make a start on hollowing out the inside of their bowl.
Here we have Catrin Anderson being mentored by David Ross, here we can see Catrin working on the inside of a Sycamore bowl, David is guiding her through the process of finishing their bowl.
Here we have Kathleen Line being mentored by me (Alec Mutch), they were working on a Natural Edged Spalted Beech bowl, here Kathleen can be seen working the inside of their bowl being guided by myself.

All the trainees finished their projects for the evening, no major problems were encountered by any of them. Here is a picture of the trainees and their finished work.

4 very pleased trainees holding their work, all of the trainees were more than happy with their progress, some were on their 2nd tutorial some on their first but all were pleased with the outcome.

It was stressed to all of the trainees that it was vitally important to keep practicing what they had learned so far, it would now be up to the tutors to determine at what stage to progress onto the next stage.

The next training session is on the 19th May 2022.