Our next meeting, 14-03-2024. Organized by Alec Mutch, working with PEBEO paints.

Start time 6.45pm.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 14th March 2024, it’s being organized by me (Alec Mutch), I’m going to demonstrate how to use Pebeo paints in your woodturnings to decorate or enhance the look of your turnings, it’s especially useful when using a fairly bland piece of wood that would normally not attract a lot of attention, the Pebeo paint lifts it into another zone altogether.

Using Pebeo paints is quite an easy process, these are oil based paints that are reactive and as such require a different approach, you do not use a paint brush like you would with some other paints, these paint are applied with a pipette as a little bit of depth is required in order for the reactions to take place, a considerable amount of stirring is also required in order for the reactive nature of the paints to take place, the better it’s stirred the better the final result will be, the end result is totally random after the reactions have taken place and may not look anything like the product you had when the paint was applied, you can after a while partly predict what the finished look will be, sometimes it comes out better that you could ever imagine.

I wont go into much more detail at this time, other than to say if you do want to work with Pebeo paints you will need to allow a few days for the paints to dry after the reactive process has been completed, as an oil based paint it does take about a week for the paints to cure under workshop conditions, this can be hurried along by bringing them into a warmer atmosphere.

There are a few things you will need to know when using these paints, all of which I will go through in detail at the demonstration.

Here are a few pictures of the various Pebeo paints and some shallow plates I made with Pebeo painted rims using all the different Pebeo products.

These are the standard Pebeo paints, these are available from the Hobby Shop in Inches in Inverness, they only have small packs of these, but enough for you to give it a try, once you have tried and liked the outcome you may wish to get them in slightly larger quantities from an on line supplier.

Left, using 2 colours of PRISME paints. Centre, using VITRIL as a base coat and MOON as the blue highlights. RIght, Red CERAMIC used as the base coat and MOON again for the silver highlights.

3 more with various paints being used and a variety of colours, Right, a different approach to the design on the rim.

Some more plates with PEBEO decorated rims. Right, using 3 or more different colours.

You will have noticed that a lot of these shallow bowls do not have a lot of grain showing, the emphasis is on the paint not the bland nature of the wood.

That’s all I’m going to say about using these paints, do come to the meeting to learn more, hope to see you all there.

Tea and coffee will be available for a 50p donation, the usual raffles will be on sale, please be generous.