Our next meeting 18-08-2022, managed by Nick Simpson.

Start time 6.45pm

Our meeting this week on Thursday 18th August 2022 is being organised by Nick Simpson and is a bit different to any meeting we have held before, Nick’s idea is to have 3 teams of 3 turners working on 3 lathes all making the same 3 items.

The items to be made are an Egg, an Egg Cup and a small Dish, all 3 teams will start with the same 3 pieces of wood, one for each of the items to be made, the wood being used will be Native Cherry. There will be a bit of a competitive spirit , there will be a drawing for the teams to follow, the programme manager will have the decision to determine which team got the closest to the drawing.

Which item each team starts off with will be down to the individual teams as will the running order for which turner each team starts off with, Nick is going to ring a bell every 15 minutes to indicate a change of turner regardless of what stage any team is at. The turners will be one new or nearly new member, one established member and one experienced member in each team.

Here is the plan for the 3 items, this plan was created by Errol Levings.

This is the Egg, Egg Cup and Dish created by Errol Levings.

We are hoping for a good turnout as usual for this unusual programme, we will have the usual raffle and coffee available by donation.