Report on our recent training evening, 11-08-2022.

Our latest training meeting happened on Thursday evening 11th August 2022.

There were 4 pupils with 4 tutors for this training session, most of the pupils were on their 2nd or 3rd training courses, we give them all 4 courses, 2 doing bowl work and 2 doing spindle work, they are then given time to practice and only after that time are any ongoing problems dealt with, this would be done by contacting our training manager Nick Simpson and getting a further training session to deal with specific problems the pupil may encounter, Nick would then arrange for a tutor who is best suited to deal with the problem and set up a further training session.

The evening went very well, I was able to get a few pictures during the training session, some of which now follow.

On lathe 5 were Ernie Gibson (pupil) being tutored by Nick Simpson, Ernie wanted to be shown how to make a small wooden box. Picture 1, shows him working the outside of the box under the supervision of Nick Simpson, Picture 2, shows Ernie now working on the inside of the box. Picture 3, here a trial fit of the lid is taking place. Ernie did not complete the box at this session but had gained enough knowledge and ability to complete the box at home.
On lathe 4 we have Tony Wilson (pupil) being tutored by David Hobson. Tony was on spindle turning having completed the course on bowl work. Picture 4, shows David explaining to Tony what he wanted him to do as part of his spindle turning, they were making a spurtle. Picture 5 & 6 shows Tony working on the initial shape of a spurtle using a small gouge. Picture 7, shows Tony being taught how to use a skew chisel for the final cuts, the skew provides a much better finish than any other tool requiring much less in the way of sanding, a good tool to master.
On lathe 3 were Liam Comfort (pupil) being tutored by Errol Levings. Liam is still under 18 years and comes to the training sessions with a responsible adult. Before they got started on the actual turning Errol took Liam to the sharpening station to show him how to sharpen his tools, this is possibly one of the hardest skills to achieve but very necessary if you want to be a turner. Picture 8, shows Errol explaining to Liam the procedure for starting to make a bowl, the blank they were using did not get cut on a bandsaw so it was not a round disc, it was cut into an octagon by removing the corners, they would be starting on a low speed to cater for the shape. Pictures 9 & 10, shows Liam working on the outside of the bowl using a bowl gouge. Picture 11, shows Liam using a power sanding tool for the sanding of the outside of the bowl.
On lathe 1 were Gareth Jones (pupil) being tutored by me (Alec Mutch), Gareth was on his 2nd session doing bowl work. Picture 12, shows Gareth shaping the outside of a small bowl using a bowl gouge. Picture 13, shows Gareth now working on the inside of the bowl, again using the same bowl gouge, Gareth was inclined to leave a few lines during his cuts, this comes about by not having enough experience to get the flowing movements required to eliminate the lines, something that only practice makes perfect. Picture 14, shows Gareth sanding the inside, I got him to use a fairly rough sandpaper initially to remove the lines (100Grit) which took less than a minute, then onto the normal sanding system through the grades down to 240grit all done by hand. Picture 15, this is a bowl that Gareth did at home between his 1st lesson and this lesson, as you will see it’s been very well made, Gareth told me he finished the bowl with sanding sealer and 3 coats of Danish oil, well done Gareth.
This is the final picture from the session showing the 4 pupils with the items they were working on, some finished, other still requiring some work at home. All the pupils were more than happy with their efforts to date.

If there are any members still looking to get some training there are places becoming available now that the initial burst of training has been completed. To get onto the training programme contact Nick Simpson at any of the regular club meeting nights.