our next meeting, 20-07-2023 organized by Geoff Potter.

Start time 6.45pm

Our next meeting is on Thursday 20th July 2023, it has been organized by Geoff Potter and Geoff’s theme for the meeting is working with Natural Edges. Natural Edges covers a whole host of different options, it could be leaving the bark on in certain places on a Bowl or on a spindle turned item such as a Candlestick or a Mushroom, it could be using a Burr and leaving some of the spikey profile uppermost, you could use a “Y” piece of wood to create an interesting shape or even turn a piece of wood in end grain, again creating a very different shape. Geoff will have all 5 lathes in use.

I have been through our archives of photos of a whole host of Natural Edged items from our past and selected out a few to let you see what had been made using some of the criteria mentioned above. Here are a selection of them.

Here are 3 items all with Natural Edges in one way or another and all very different.

Here are some pieces that show the different approaches that can be used to create some very interesting designs.

Item 1, was made from a “Y” piece. Items 2 & 3 are both made using the End Grain. Item 4, was made from a whole log. Item 5, was made from a piece of wood that had 2 side branches, hence the unusual shape.

Finally a selection of small Natural Edged Bowls.

Whether or not we see something similar to those I have posted here is going to be interesting and we will have to wait and see, I am however continually surprized at the diversity Natural Edged Turning can produce that I hope we will see something that is different. I’m sure whatever the turners produce it will be of great interest to the viewing members.

A good turnout will be expected and the usual Tea/coffee will be available for a 50p donation along with the sale of our customary raffle tickets.