Our next meeting 28-03-2024. Organized by David Hobson. An invitation to Mark Sutton to put on a turning demonstration.

Start time 6.45pm

Our next meeting has been organized by David Hobson, David extended an invitation to Mark Sutton to put on a turning demonstration, which he has accepted to do. Mark is one of our club members and one of the initial group that founded the club in 2005.

The club was formed by a few like minded people who wanted to advance the work of the woodturner and possibly bring new people into the craft, their meeting place at that time was Charlstown Academy, Mark was also part of the group that was there when they moved to Munlochy in 2010 after securing the rent of the premises we are currently in.

Mark had demonstrated on many occasions in the past and his demonstrations were all very interesting and well received, his interests in woodturning were always very different choosing to work with texture and colour. His project for this meeting remains a mystery as David confirmed Mark had not informed him about what he was going to do, we will just have to wait and see but I’m sure Mark will have something of interest to show us all.

I went back over the archives to see if I could find anything that Mark had been involved with and I found a demonstration that Mark did on the 26th April 2018, it was very appropriate as his demonstration then was about both texture and colouring. Her are a few pictures to remind those that were there then and for those who are new to the club.

Mark started off by making a shallow bowl, here he can be seen working on the outside of the bowl. Firstly cutting then sanding and finally sealing and polishing the bowl.

Now working on what will become the inside, firstly Mark flattened and sanded the face of the bowl, he then painted the face black, this was then followed by applying some acrylic paints in various colours.

In this sequence he demonstrated how he achieved the look he was after, he applied a layer of clingfilm then rubbed his hands over the film creating the mottled look he was after, before removing the clingfilm and using a heat gun to dry the paints.

Once the paint was dry he continued with the turning, creating a hollow in the centre highlighted by the use of an additional groove cut into the painted face, he sealed and polished the newly turned areas, Mark then demonstrated his method for removing the spigot on the base.

The one on the Left was made as a demonstration piece by Mark and handed round the members for a closer view. The one on the right was the one he made at the meeting. Mark’s work was very much appreciated.

We are looking for a very good turnout and do remember that there will be tea and coffee available for a small donation of 50p, the raffles will be on sale as usual. We look forward to seeing you all there.