Our next virtual meeting 10-06-21 Weed Pots.

Our next meeting is due to be held on Thursday 10th June 2021, it was to be organised by Peter Lawrence and the subject matter is making weed pots. This meeting has been turned into a virtual meeting due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, that does not mean you do not have to do anything, we would like you all to make a weed pot or 2 and then take some pictures of what you make and send them to me for publication on our club web site, do remember to give me some information on what you made and why, we would all like to see your efforts. The weed pots can be made from any wood, in any shape, laminated if you care to do it, in other words anything you like.

I have given you a couple of pictures of some weed pots I had made in the past, you do not need to copy these, they are there just as an example.

Here are a selection of small weed pots I made some time ago, they are all about 100mm high by 50mm in diameter, with a bunch of dried grasses to set them off.
Here I made a matching pair from 6 different woods, these too were about 100mm high by 50mm in diameter.
These Weed Pots were some of the entries to a meeting held on the 11th June 2020, as you can see some very different interpretations of what a weed pot can be.

Come on everyone, get busy and make a few weed pots, the more the merrier, you will not be limited to one picture, let me have lots of pictures.

You will have until Friday 11th June 2021 to get your entries to me at,


Remember the clubhouse remains closed.

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