Our next virtual meeting 15-04-2021 Natural Edged Turnings.

Our next club meeting should be on the 15th April 2021 it was to be organised by Geoff Potter and Geoff’s theme for this meeting is Natural Edged Turnings. This meeting is now a virtual meeting due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, however you are all invited to make something along the lines that Geoff has indicated, you can make anything at all as long as it has some element of Natural Edge about it. Having made your item or items, take some pictures and send them to me for publication on our club web site, do remember to give me as much information on what you have made as possible,

We are looking forward to receiving a lot of your pictures, the response in the past has been quite poor so lets make amends and send me lots of your pictures, I’m sure the vast majority of our members would like to see what you have made.

I’ll give you a few pictures of items I had made in the past just as an example of what Natural Edged Turnings are all about.

This is probably what most of you will be thinking Natural Edged Turning is all about, a very nice Yellow Gum Burr from Australia, and you would be right , but these types of burr are hard to come by and there are other types of turnings that can be made from less exotic timbers.
This is a piece of Leylandii, turned from a log in end grain, the log measured 250mm in diameter by 300mm in depth. This tree is regarded as the hooligan of the garden, in this case very much tamed and nice timber to work.
Here I have used a Birch log again it’s been turned in end grain, Birch can be very irregular in the shape of the trunks, that’s what’s given this turning it’s dramatic appearance, the more irregular the shape of the trunk the better, it makes the actual turning a bit more difficult but I think you will agree a lot more interesting.
And now for something completely different, this too is a piece of Birch, note how irregular the stem would have been, this is a cross section of the trunk and I thought it would lend itself well to being turned by multi centred turning to produce the triple cup effect I ended up with.

Lets all get busy and make a few Natural Edged Turnings, you will have until Friday 16th April to make and then send the pictures of your work to me. Send them to,


I look forward to seeing all your pictures.

Do remember the clubhouse remains closed.

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