Our next virtual meeting 18-02-2021 Snags, solutions and Ideas.

Our next meeting should be on Thursday 18th February 2021, this meeting had to be changed into a virtual meeting due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. The meeting was to be arranged by John Ruickbie and John’s theme for the meeting was to be, Snags, Solutions & Ideas. I have already received some information from John on this meeting and some other input from another source. The feature picture at the top of this post deals with some of the information I have already, more will be revealed after the meeting date.

I’m sure most of you will have encountered a situation where you have met a snag and had to deal with it, let us know about it, tell us your solution and what other ideas you have to further your woodturning. I invite you all to tell me what snags and solutions you may have had in the past and what ideas you have for the future.

This is a spinning wheel that John worked on, on the way he encountered some problems that needed to be solved, the rest of this story will be included in the post after the meeting.

Do send me any pictures or just the story of anything you came up against during your woodturning, or of any ideas you may want to pass on.

You can also send me pictures and text on any subject matter you have been working on since our last virtual meeting.

Send them to me at,


You will have until Friday 19th February to send me your entry, do remember you can enter more than one item and as many pictures as you like.

Remember the clubhouse remains closed.

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